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Reference number: 6283

Date: 1956

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 3.39 mins

Description: Amateur newsreel by the Edinburgh Cine & Video Society. Featuring exterior shots of Queen and other attendees arriving suitably dressed for Thistle Ceremony at St. Giles. Brief view American film star Vera Ellen in Edinburgh and resultant crowds, photography.

Credits added from 21 YEARS OF E.C.S.

Intertitles appear over a foggy silhouette Edinburgh skyline. According to ECVS file ref 16/72, three other items originally appeared on this newsreel - the Queen at the library in George IV bridge, Queen at 10th Leith Festival and the building of a new bus station.

Credits: [At The Camera
James D. Hendry
Robert MacDonald
John McIntosh
George Maran
Douglas Paterson
Brian P. Winpenny
ed. James D. Hendry and Brian P.Winpenny
In charge of production Brian P.Winpenny]

[Credits added from publication '21 YEARS OF E.C.S.']

Shotlist: The Queen arrives for the Thistle Ceremony at St. Giles (0.06) view from crowd as people walk past in ceremonial costume of long red gown and white fur collar (0.46) brief view passing Royal car (0.51) The Royal Company of Archers march past, wearing black, eagle feathers in bonnets (0.54) crowd lined square ( 0.59) ext St.Giles (1.08) men in ceremonial dress, exiting cathedral and walking on red carpet under canvas (1.34) Queen exits (1.36) police watching crowd lined streets (1.40) Queen walking, page boy holding train. Schoolgirls curtsey in b/ground (1.51) view from crowd of procession (2.11) two African men in crowd in traditional dress (2.15) Royal car drives past crowd, people waving (2.41) The American film star Vera Ellen "on location" in Edinburgh (2.49) pipers ext. stone columns, in street rehearsing (3.06) crowd lined Princes Street, gvs people and pipers. Buses pass (3.23) film camera in back of small van (3.27) Vera Ellen wearing bonnet in street, make-up being applied. Surrounded by photographers and crowd (3.39)