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Reference number: 1112

Date: 1953

Director: filmed by SAAC

Sponsor: SFC

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 31.00 mins

Description: Queen Elizabeth's state visit to Edinburgh. She is presented with the key to Edinburgh Castle, watches a display at Murrayfield, and presents colours to the 1st Battn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

One of the group of films known as SCOTLAND SALUTES THE QUEEN made by members of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers, supported by Scottish Film Council.
A record of the Queen's first post-coronation visit to Scotland. Covers the historic events in Edinburgh when, for the first time in over a century, the Crown and Sceptre of Scotland were borne through the streets in procession to St. Giles Cathedral for the National Thanksgiving Service, attended by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. For further information on this title, see MARSHALL, Frank M. The Amateur Movement in Scotland, in: 21 Years of the Scottish Film Council 1934 - 1955,


Shotlist: PART I

No credits. Tuesday 23 June 1953. Mist shrouded the city when Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived (.07); Shots of Princes Street as crowds wave and procession passes. Various vantage points. Odd shots of shop front at first floor level. Close-ups of the procession, Household Cavalry and others. Royal couple in open coach (2.35); Carriage arrives at west door of St Giles Cathedral. The party alight and Queen inspects guard of honour (Black Watch?) (3.41); Royal and historic links. Tuesday 23 June 1953. Tree planting in the Meadows. Shots of spectators in the meadows waving flags and cheering. Queen, accompanied by Lord Provost Sir James Miller, arrives and ceremonially plants a tree in Coronation Walk (4.43); She leaves by car (4.45); Friday 26 June. The Duke of Edinburgh at Canongate Church. Shots down from building opposite as Duke of Edinburgh gets out of car and then enters churchyard (5.03); Shots inside churchyard as Duke of Edinburgh ceremonially plants a tree and chats to choirboys, accompanied by minister. Stops on way out to chat to some of the onlookers (5.37); Gets into the car (5.48); Castle and Palace. Saturday 27 June 1953. The presentation of the key to Edinburgh Castle. Shot of exterior of castle and down to esplanade full of crowd (6.12); Shot of Scottish standard flying from window (6.13); Pipes and drums parade on the esplanade (6.25); Carriages arrive with participants - heralds and military figures (6.38); Shots down the Lawnmarket as household cavalry ride up, followed by royal carriage. They enter esplanade (7.13); Bugles raised in welcome (7.16); Shots from middle distance [slightly out of focus] of the handing over of the keys (7.48); General views of crowds as royal carriage leaves and drives down Lawnmarket, followed by household cavalry (9.40).


No credits. Wednesday 24 June. Garden Party at Holyroodhouse (.04); General shots from Arthur's Seat down to Palace and grounds as guests mill around (.30); Queen accompanied by members of the Royal Company of Archers, moves around her guests (1.35); Spectators on slopes of Arthur's Seat, car park below. Palace grounds and general views of same (2.13); The homage to youth at Murrayfield. Saturday 27 June 1953. Displays at Murrayfield. General views of crowded stadium. Pipes and drums on the turf. (2.27); Girls hold letters to make "God Save the Queen" and display of drill (2.54); Pipes and drums [out of focus]. Scottish country dancing display (3.30); Helicopter appears, flies low over stadium and lowers man to the ground, demonstrating a rescue (4.56); Gymnastics display (5.21); Queen's car enters the stadium. She alights and greets the youth leaders. She takes her seat (6.09); Display by naval cadets and dogs (7.00); Boys and girls display, tug-of-war, etc. (7.32); Soldiers with rifles slow march (7.42); Mass display of exercises (8.20); Scottish country dancing display (9.00); Floral pageant (10.30); Presentation of bouquet to the Queen (10.51); Dancers continue and leave the stadium (12.03).


No credits. Proud colours. Friday 26 June 1953. The Queen presents colours to the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at Holyhouse. Shots from hillside as Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders march along route to the grounds of Holyroodhouse. Once inside they form up in lines with their mascot, a Shetland pony. (1.09); Queen arrives and inspects the troops and then goes to pat the mascot. She returns to the podium. Colour party march past (2.54); The old colours are marched off. General views of the ceremony as new colour party unfurls colours, which are presented by the Queen to the colour sergeants. She walks back to the podium (6.02); Trooping of the new colours. General views of march past (6.37); Queen greets veterans (7.15); Queen chats to officers on the steps of the palace as troops march out (8.40); Queen waves to crowds (9.01); The End (9.04).