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Reference number: 0939

Date: 1953

Production company: [ SFC from film shot by SAAC]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.41 mins

Description: The Coronation visit to Scotland. Records Queen Elizabeth's arrival at the City Chambers, Her Majesty's visit to Veterans Association's cottages at Ralston and the Hampden youth displays.

One of the group of films known as SCOTLAND SALUTES THE QUEEN made by members of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers, supported by Scottish Film Council.


A record of the Queen's first post-coronation visit to Scotland. Covers the historic events in Edinburgh when, for the first time in over a century, the Crown and Sceptre of Scotland were borne through the streets in procession to St. Giles Cathedral for the National Thanksgiving Service, attended by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. For further information on this title, see MARSHALL, Frank M. The Amateur Movement in Scotland, in: 21 Years of the Scottish Film Council 1934 - 1955

Shotlist: Credits (.05); 25 June 1953. George Square transformed. Shots of George Square and City Chambers decorated with flowers, flags, banners, etc (.39); Crowds greet the Queen outside the City Chambers. Huge crowds await arrival of the Queen. Pan from pavement upwards along building between North Hanover Street and Frederick Street, showing people at windows and on rooftop (.49); The police on horseback amongst the crowds (.52); Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrive outside the City Chambers in a limousine. They are then greeted by the Lord Provost (1.02); Queen inspects Guard of Honour, provided by Scots Guards (1.30); Crowds (1.32); Queen concludes inspection (1.40); Crowds (1.42); Queen crosses back to City Chambers (1.43); Crowds surge forward (1.47); High shots of crowds (1.51); Queen is introduced to variety of officials and dignitaries, then goes inside (2.00); Crowds (2.04); Guests enter City Chambers (2.13); Queen appears at a balcony and crowds run forward to wave (2.21); Visit to Ralston, the Scottish Veterans' Garden City Associated Cottages. Royal limousine comes to a hault outside one of the flag-bedecked houses (2.31); Small boy waves Union Jack (2.33); Royal couple are introduced to some of the veterans (3.04); Queen is presented with a bouquet of flowers (3.22); Crowds watch as Royal couple enter one of the houses (3.33); And come out again (3.35); School children wave flags (3.38); Queen and Prince Philip return to their car and are driven off (3.49); Youth takes over. Massed displays at Hampden. Pipe band (4.03); Spectators (4.06); Salvation Army band (4.11); Army cadets on playing field with packed stadium behind them. Shots of tenements in the background (4.18); Fly past (4.21); A fanfare (4.26); Royal car arrives and drives around the park to cheering crowds (5.18); Car draws to a halt and the Queen gets out (5.28); Crowds of children (5.31); Queen inspects cadets (5.58); Crowd scenes (6.01); The inspection continues (6.27); More shots of the crowds (6.22); Queen is introduced to more people, then takes a seat in royal box (6.45); Pipes and drums (6.54); Children's choir (7.00); Spectators (7.02); The choir again (7.07); Girls give gymnastic display (7.43); Queen watches from royal box (7.46); Display (8.10); Display teams leave field (8.18); Boy Scouts display (8.47); Boys give display of gymnastics (9.22); Scottish country dancing display (9.56); Boys' gymnastic display again (10.23); The Queen returns to her car and is driven off, intercut with shots of cheering, flag-waving crowds (10.58); End credits (10.59).