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Title: GLASGOW 1980

Reference number: 0974

Date: 1971

Director: d. Oscar Marzaroli

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Glasgow Corporation

Production company: Ogam Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.26 mins

Description: A documentary on how Glasgow would look in the 1980s after the redevelopment of its traffic system and the construction of new housing developments, planned in the mid '70s.

First of what was intended to be a pair of films tracing the development of the city in the 1970's. Filming for the sequel GLASGOW'S PROGRESS [see ref. 1497] was halted in 1978 as 'there seemed to be no end to the urban renewal in sight'.

See production files.

Credits: sc. Douglas Eadie
nar. Michael Harrigan
m. Iain McHaffie
sd. Duncan Fraser
ed. Bill Forsyth
p.a. Lawrence Macnair, Anne Caldwell
ph. Martin Singleton

Shotlist: [No opening credits] Shot of car travelling along Kingston motorway (.07); [Title superimposed over picture] (.10); Car on Kingston motorway (.39); Prints of Old Glasgow and the River Clyde (1.28); Slums and back courts (1.42); Buildings being demolished in the Townhead area of Glasgow, including tenements (2.07); A demolition site (2.48); Overhead views of Townhead motorway and shots over building site and motorway construction at Charing Cross (2.57); Construction work on Kingston Bridge (3.16); Construction of Cowlairs Industrial Estate (3.32); Shot from Stirling Library of Bank of Scotland (3.47); Gvs Glasgow from roof of Glasgow College of Building and Printing (4.02); Shots of high flats designed by Sir Basil Spence [Queen Elizabeth Square?] (4.27); Medium rise flats at Pollokshields (4.49); Gvs medium and high rise flats at Ibrox (5.31); View over Glasgow from Queen's Park (5.37); Looking down Great Western Road (5.44); Terraced houses in the West End (5.57); Shot from corner of Pollokshaws Road to the Old Swan Inn (6.03); Exterior hardware shop in Norfolk Street in the Gorbals (6.11); Gvs Shawlands shopping centre (6.27); Women shopping with two children in a supermarket (7.19); Pedestrians outside Shawlands shopping centre (7.24); Children inside Gorbals shopping centre (7.32); Young boy kicking ball inside Shawlands shopping centre (7.38); Rangers v Celtic at Hampden Park (7.48); Young men playing rugby (7.56); Rangers v Celtic again (8.03); Young boys playing rugby (8.11) Rangers v Celtic at Hampden Park (8.18) Young woman serving at badminton in one of Glasgow's sports centres (8.23) Crowds at the Rangers v Celtic game at Hampden (8.28) Girls playing squash at Bellahouston Sports Centre (8.39) Crowd scenes at Rangers v Celtic game (8.54) View over Haggs Castle golf course (9.10) Shots of Botanic Gardens and various Glasgow parks (9.59) St. Andrews Halls before reconstruction (11.01) People dancing at Joanna's Disco (11.16) gvs advertising and cinema signs (11.20) Couples entering a theatre (11.22) An actress putting on her make-up in front of a mirror (11.24) Disco dancers (11.30) Advertising signs (11.33) Dancers intercut with advertising signs (12.01) George Square at night (12.14) James Watt's statue in George Square (12.29) Portrait of James Watt. View from outside Stirling Library (12.37) Glasgow Stock Exchange (12.47) Trinity Church towers and Park Terrace (13.00) Ext. Glasgow School of Art (13.11) The Mitchell Library (13.24) Ext. Pollok House (13.32) Glasgow University as seen from archway in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (14.10) Int. Museum of Transport (1.445) gvs vessel "Egero" being towed up the Clyde (15.17) ext. Yorkhill and Queen Mother's Hospitals (15.24) Doctors and students attending patients (15.45) student teachers leaving Jordanhill College (15.50) Students entering Langside College (16.07) Students working in Glasgow College of Building and Printing (16.34); Exterior Newbery Tower, Glasgow School of Art (16.42); Exterior Glasgow University library (16.49); Science students in Strathclyde University labs (17.50); Brief shots various computers and parts, uses of components in engineering (20.11); Gvs Gushetfaulds container depot (20.30); View over Glasgow from high-rise flats in the Gorbals (20.46); Construction of Kingston Bridge as viewed from the Clyde (21.06); Crowds at opening of Kingston Bridge. Queen Mother opens same (21.46); New buildings in Anderston shopping complex (22.09); Model and plans of Anderston (22.32); Plans of Springburn's new housing complex (22.44); Plans of Govan's housing complex (23.14); Slides showing new motorways and railways in Glasgow area (23.28); Map of Glasgow showing transport routes (23.51); Slide showing colour code for development and re-development (23.56); Map of Glasgow showing areas of development and re-development (24.09); Slides colour coded for major park areas and walkways (24.15); Map of parks and walkways (24.24); Map of all redevelopment areas in Glasgow (24.57); Shot of plane taking off from Glasgow Airport (25.08); Shot of moving train (25.22); Plane in sky above Glasgow airport (25.40); Aerial shots of Red Road flats (26.07); Aerial shots of Kingston Bridge (26.14); Cars leaving Kingston Bridge by south side slip road (26.22); Cars joining Kingston Bridge by north side slip road (26.29); Pedestrians using walkways over motorway (26.38); Shots from under Kingston Bridge (26.50); Car travelling along motorway with caption To be continued superimposed over picture (28.56); ecs (29.26)