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Reference number: 3148

Date: 1975

Director: d. Charles Gormley

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the City of Glasgow District Council (Department of Environmental Improvement)

Production company: Tree Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.18 mins

Description: The planning and construction of improvements in the housing and industrial landscape of the city of Glasgow.

See production file.

Diploma at EKO FILM 1976, Czechoslovakia.

Credits: w. Charles Gormley
ph. John Schorstein
ass. ph. Mike Coulter
ed. Brian Crumlish
sd. Ian Leslie

Shotlist: talking head of man sitting in railway carriage talking about the city of Glasgow (.23) view of bridge over Clyde with sailing ship moored beside it (.30) shot of derelict, half demolished tenements (.40) shots of Glasgow showing Glasgow University, a ship in dock, traffic and pedestrians in Buchanan Street, the riverside (1.00) panning shot of roads and traffic (1.13) talking head (1.29) shot of housing scheme in background with train passing in foreground (1.42) title (1.47) tracking shot of London Road (2.24) buildings under construction on London Road (2.56) shot of new roadway at Charing Cross (3.00) terraces on Sauchiehall Street (3.32) shot of painted gable end (3.38) town planners at work sketching and measuring land beside railway (4.25) shots of empty docks and of construction work on the pedestrian walkway at the Broomielaw (5.06) the Kelvin and Cart rivers showing walkways and housing beside them (5.59) shot of traffic and train going over bridge over the Clyde and of Custom House Quay (6.10) construction work on side of river (6.29) views of housing in Possil (7.55) children standing by rag and bone man's horse and cart in Possil (8.00) man talking about the poor condition of tenements built in the early 1930s in Possil with shots of exteriors of these tenements and their back courts (9.33) brief shot ext. of tenements on busy city centre street and of people standing at an outside market stall (9.43) very brief shot inside a pub (possibly the Saracen Head) (9.49) traffic and pedestrians at Saracen Cross, intercut with talking head (10.52) shot of man looking out of tenement window and woman cleaning windows and brief shot two policemen walking in what was known as "wine alley" in Govan (11.20) talking head (11.28) ints. of community group meeting in Possil in discussion with planners, police and tenants (12.00) shots of man in newly completed back court in Possil talking about the future possibilities for similar improvements throughout Possil Park (12.24) shots of children playing on a slide and climbing frame in the new back court (12.39) construction work on the refurbishment of tenements in Possil (13.13) planner talking about who is responsible for the care of the back courts (13.25) shots of women hanging out washing and children playing in new back courts (14.19) boys playing football in Possil in specially constructed pitch and shot of them posing to have their photograph taken in their football strips (14.44) kids being shown how to paint a mural round the football pitch and supervisor (painter Bob Laing) explaining the decision to do this instead of having the walls covered in graffiti (16.37) brief shot of ext. of housing in Possil (16.49) ints tenement with man in sitting room and woman in kitchen (17.08) ext shot of Bob Laing talking about his painting of murals in Possil Estate and of gable ends in city of Glasgow (18.11) c/u of kids laughing into camera (18.20) l/s housing in Possil and of football pitch (18.39) footballers playing at Cowlairs Park (19.07) brief shot boys playing football (19.12) woman pushing child in buggy in street in Possil and young girl pushing a toy pram (19.29) children playing in new back courts (20.06) ecs (20.18)