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  • Aberdeen
  • Glasgow


  • Fish and fishing
  • Power resources
  • Ships and shipping


  • Documentary
  • Promotional
  • Sponsored


  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • Tree Films


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 3268

Date: 1974

Director: d. Charles Gormley

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and British Polar Engines

Production company: Tree Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.09 mins

Description: The power and adaptability of Polar diesel engines as seen in a telecommunications centre, and a variety of shipping designs.

Credits: p. man. Iain Smith
cam. Mike Coulter, Bert Eeles
narr. Robert Docherty
ph. David Lewis
ed. Bill Forsyth

Shotlist: fishing boat the "Ben Lui" leaving Aberdeen harbour and shots of boat in rough seas (.51) tugs alongside tanker docking at Loch Long (1.23) shots inside ship's engine room (2.25) shots of Engineering machine shop at the British Polar Glasgow's factory (3.43) shot of Fisheries research vessel "Scotia" on water (3.56) engine room of the "Scotia" (4.58) the "Scotia" on the water (5.19) ints "Dial House" telecommunications centre in Glasgow with shots of the polar engines in it (6.25) brief night shot of lights on runway (6.51) inside operating theatre with medical staff performing an operation (7.30) shots taken from deck of trawler "Ben Lui" showing rough seas (8.05) net being brought in and fish being loaded onto trawler (8.29) shots inside engine room of ship (9.08) brief c/u of fish on trawler production line (9.21) trawler men sitting having a meal on board and brief shot kitchen (9.41) night shots of men at work on deck of trawler and net full of fish being brought on board (10.09) shot of assembly of engineering parts at British Polar factory (12.18) shot of engine being transported on back of truck, driving off ferry at Le Havre, France (13.07) engine arriving at side of French ship (13.25) launching ceremony of bulk carrier "Superiority" at shipyard at Gool on Humberside (14.30) launching of Irish naval vessel at Cork (15.14) Tower Bridge, tugs and other vessels on river Thames (15.36) machine shop at British Polar Glasgow factory (15.53) shots on board oil rig supply vessel and shot of oil rig in North Sea and shots of crew of vessel at work on vessel beside oil rig in very rough seas (17.28) men at work on oil rig (17.49) l/s oil rig from deck of vessel (18.20) ecs (19.09)