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Reference number: 3021

Date: 1973

Director: d. Laurence Henson

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and South of Scotland Electricity Board [SSEB]

Production company: IFA (Scotland) Ltd

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 33.27 minsc

Description: A dramatised documentary on the day to day work in an SSEB electricity showroom.

From his obituary 30th October 2010, in the Herald newspaper:- "Kelly's moment came at the age of 12 when his drama teacher at St. Gregory's put him up for an electricity board advert and he was cast by television director Laurence Henson, who then suggested young Paul Kelly should get an agent."

Credits: From a theme by Basil Vickers
manager Michael Elder
staff Juliet Cadzow, Marjorie Daziell, Moreen Frame and Jan Wilson
cookery demonstrator Elizabeth Hoyle
customers Martin Black, Jamieson Clark, Nancy Gilmour, Moira Hassan, Moultrie R. Kelsall, Eileen McCallum, Calum Mill and Elizabeth Sinclair
[small boy Paul Kelly, later stage name Gerard Kelly]

sc. Colin Ross
m. Muir Mathieson
cam. Edward McConnell
sd. Cyril Sinclair
ed. Margaret Dickinson
p.consultant. Films of Scotland

Shotlist: Title. Street scene at night, small boy and girl looking in shop windows (0.50) lights come on to reveal products which start moving in window. Policeman walks behind the boy and girl, but doesn't see anything. Variety of electrical products moving (2.22) zoom into atomic sign in window, pull back from same sign on the side of an electricity van (2.33) title, ext. electricity showroom, daytime. View from inside of girl sorting her hair in window (3.00) she enters shop and explains she is starting work in the showroom today (3.25) sign on manager's desk, Mr A M Henderson , pull back to the girl (Helen) and the manager. He gives her a tour of shop and introduces her to the staff , Margaret and Jean (4.02) girl browsing records in shop (4.26) manager introduces Helen to Mrs Mackay, the cashier at the accounts desk. Customer at accounts desk gossip (5.04) pan shop (5.37) toddler shaking large lamp. Elderly lady steadies it. Gvs people browsing intercut with manager talking to Helen about helping customers (6.10) lady talking to Jean about coffee pots (6.37) couple talking to Margaret about types of electricity supply (7.35) teenage girl with pile of records, she picks a Tony Bennett one to listen to, turns it up too loud so the assistant offers her headphones (8.23) customer talking to Margaret about cooker, Mr Henderson on telephone about steam irons (9.28) c/u spinning record, girl with headphones dancing. Couple discussing purchase of cooker, 'buy the big one' (11.17) man in muddy boots purchasing storage radiator, doesn't want to look at alternatives, insists on paying in cash and carries it away himself (13.19) Mrs MacConnachie comes in wanting to speak to manager. She's upset after receiving an estimated bill. Helen shows her to the manager's office who explains reason for estimate. C/u bill, [customers address is in Lanarkshire] (15.15) c/u electric tin opener, pull back to Mr Henderson's wife in kitchen. He arrives back from work (16.19) staff teabreak, three women having tea and open a box with a coffee grinder (17.32) teenage girl waiting outside shop and is first in to look at records, Margaret polishing display items (18.38) manager sitting on desk talking on telephone, brief shot Provost's car pulling up outside. He enters shop and asks for Electricity Board's help on a project, leaves sheet of paper (20.42) Jean adjusting coffee grinder display, dusting lamp shade (21.30) teacher comes in and talks to Jean about borrowing a fridge for demonstration to domestic science class. Gvs various items (23.50) cookery demonstration in shop, baking of lemon meringue pie (24.27) woman at accounts desk chatting to Mrs Mackay. She has 2 children and a dog who run away, Jean retrieves them (24.58) cookery demonstration, woman answers questions on making sauce using soup (26.05) Margaret asks Mr Henderson if he would like to see visitors' demonstration (26.33) teenage girl leaves without buying anything (27.33) int. chauffeur driven car, passenger decides to go to showroom (27.52) staff leaving SSEB Electricity showroom at end of day, Mr Henderson doing figures at his desk (29.16) boy passes outside with go-cart, man from chauffeur (Mr Hammeron?) (30.30) driver of car tries door, it is locked. Boy bangs on door for him. Manager answers door and man enters shop (30.30) boy and chauffeur outside shop looking at each other's vehicles (31.05) int. shop, Mr Hammeron gets his cable replaced. Manager says he will get payment next time customer is in. They both leave and manager locks door (31.46) pan shop in dark, children from start looking in window. Lights come on, equipment starts working. Policeman appears at their back again and shakes his head, children laugh (32.34) ecs (33.27)