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  • Glasgow


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
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  • Ships and shipping
  • Transport


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  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • Glasgow Corporation
  • Ogam Films / Oscar Marzaroli


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 1497

Date: 1968 - 1978

Sponsor: [ Films of Scotland and Glasgow Corporation]

Production company: [ Ogam Films]

Sound: mute

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 96 mins,c

Description: Rushes from an unfinished production intended as a sequel to GLASGOW 1980 [see ref. 0974]

Unfinished production - mute neg. and rushes only. Intended as a sequel to GLASGOW 1980 Shot over several years. Project ultimately abandoned as "there seemed to be no end to urban renewal in sight". Material retrieved from film lab in 1982.

Credits: [cam. Oscar Marzaroli]

Shotlist: please note only reel 5 on video format

No credits. [B/W] General views of Glasgow tenements being demolished (.35); Exterior shot of the Alhambra Theatre (1.00); Exterior of a whisky bond in Kingston Street, Glasgow. (1.35); Exterior of unidentified Glasgow building (1.48); General views of the Round House and panning shot from Hillpark to the Round House (2.23) General views at Sighthill, including cooling tower and Pinkston power station (2.53); Street scenes in the West End of Glasgow and shots of construction work on new flats (3.43); Panning shot of housing estate (4.09); General shot of docks (4.26); Close-up of men laying concrete new section of Glasgow stock market (4.48); [Col.] General shot of power station at Sighthill (5.21); Exterior of Glasgow buildings including hotel and the Howard Trust building (6.20); Night shots of Christmas lights in Buchanan Street (7.30); [B/W] General shots of miners finishing work (8.54); General shot of factory during demolition (10.31); Shot of an unidentified man speaking to a group prior to a tree planting ceremony. (10.49); Tree planting ceremony (12.31); General shots of busy Sauchiehall Street (14.31); [Col.] Interior of the Argyle Arcade (14.43); General shots of Queen Street station (15.23); Exterior shots of the high flats, Queen Elizabeth Square, Gorbals (15.42); Exterior of Queen Street station (16.13); General shot of Buchanan Street Copland & Wylie Stores (16.35); Exterior of the BTI building, Bothwell Street (17.38); Exterior of Anderston bus station. (17.55); General shots of Clyde Street (18.06); Exterior shots of the St Enoch's Hotel and railway station (18.46); Panning shot of construction site at Charing Cross (19.22)

No credits. Street scene, Buchanan Street (.18); General views of St Enoch's station car park (.53); [Col.] General shots of the M8 motorway under construction. [B/W] Shots of same (1.57); [Col.] Panning shot from the motorway at Townhead/Cowcaddens district (2.52); General shots of the motorway at the bottom of Great Western Road and Charing Cross area (4.46); [Col.] General shots of Paddy's Market (4.55) [B/W] Opening of a new section of the M8 motorway (6.45); General views of Paddy's Market (10.50); Exteriors of various buildings in the city centre; Campbell McDonald Store, Ingram Street; Sheriff Court, Ingram Street; Savoy dance hall Renfrew Street; Candleriggs and general views of Anderston Centre (13.23); [Col.] High shot of Anniesland Cross and general shot of unidentified junction (14.04); General views of the Royal Infirmary and surrounding area taken from the Necropolis (14.23); High shot of Anniesland Cross. (14.53); High shot of the Gorbals, including Basil Spence 'damp' flats [Queen Elizabeth Square?] (15.33); General street scenes (16.15); Shots of the countryside (16.40); Exterior of unidentified school (17.02); Panning shots from the Necropolis (18.17); High shots of tenements and spare ground (19.40); General views of the River Kelvin (21.10); Shots of the Clyde and Kingston Bridge, looking west (21.27); Panning shot east to west of Custom House Quay (22.38); Shot looking east along Sauchiehall Street by Pettigrew & Stephen (22.49); Shot looking south along Buchanan Street (23.18); General views of construction work on the Kelvin Walkway (23.50); General shots of University Avenue (24.42); General shots of tenements in the George's Cross area being demolished (25.18); High shot of motorway under construction (25.30); High shot of Ibrox area panning left to right from Ibrox stadium to Bellahouston Park (26.01); General views of dockland and Govan area (26.57); [Col.] General views of Easterhouse shopping centre and swimming pool (27.44); General views of red ash football pitches (28.01); General views of the Anderston shopping centre (28.34). [ON REEL 3]

No credits. [April 1973] Rolls Royce arriving at the Mitchell Library and theatre (still under construction) (.28); Shots of Lord Provost William Gray and general shots at the laying of the foundation stone ceremony (2.07); General views of Mitchell Theatre during construction (2.22); Exterior of Copland and Lye department store, Sauchiehall Street, and shots during demolition (3.38); General views of pedestrians on Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Street (4.15); Exterior of unidentified building (4.57); Exterior shot of Glasgow College of Building and Printing with general shots of George Square and surrounding buildings (6.08); General views of Gorbals Cross and shot of a tenement during demolition (7.10); Exterior shot of Citizens Theatre (7.40); Shot of Buchanan Street from St Enoch Square (7.55); Exterior shot of St Enoch's Hotel and shot of underground (8.21); General views inside the old fruit market during its use as a bazaar (11.30); Opening ceremony of Custom House Quay with Lord Provost William Gray (13.25); General shots of the M8 motorway under construction (13.45); Building site in the east end of Glasgow (14.19); Shot of corner of Queen Street and West George Street (14.48); Construction of council houses at Townhead (15.26); High shot over new motorway and road systems at Sighthill and Cowcaddens (18.00); General views of park area and shopping centre in west end of Glasgow (19.35); Exterior shot of the Pond Hotel and Gartnavel Hospital (20.00); General shots of Great Western Road (20.24); Exterior of Grosvenor Hotel (21.15).
[Also col. sequence shot listed as Reel 2]

No credits. General views Kelvin Walkway (.46); General shots of terraced houses, west end (2.01); Exterior of Gartnavel Hospital (2.12); Panning shot from suspension bridge to open air bar on Custom House Quay and general views of quay (4.25); General views of Buchanan Street pedestrian precinct and Gordon Street (5.33); Exterior of Theatre Royal (5.56); Wide shot of Ravenscraig steel works (6.27); Exterior shots of modern flats and houses in the Hillpark/Shawlands area (8.40); Exterior of the Bellahouston Sports Centre (9.02); General shot of the Clyde from south bank (9.28); Exterior shot of modern building, possibly college or school (10.29); General views of St Vincent Street and the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Building (11.02); Exterior shots of Glasgow High School. (11.36); Wide panning shot on industrial estate (12.01); General shot of semi-detached houses (12.23); [Col.] Exterior shots of Templeton's carpet factory, Glasgow Green (12.39); [B/W] General shots of the cooling tower at Sighthill, possibly Pinkston Power Station, being demolished (15.33).

No credits. General views of the Finnieston ferry crossing the Clyde with close-up of passengers and crew (3.51); General shots of the Queen's visit to Glasgow on 8 May 1977, including shots of walkabout with Lord Provost William Gray, close-up of crowds at tree planting ceremony, visit to one of the houses at a Govan housing scheme (8.16); Shots of construction work on the "new" Trans-Clyde Argyle railway line (9.33); [Col.] Shots of construction work on the new Trans-Clyde line including shots of a huge automatic cement layer at work (11.51)