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Reference number: T2369

Date: 1986

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.51 mins

Description: Documentary about the Gateway Exchange in Edinburgh, an arts and social centre for ex-prisoners, drug addicts and alcoholics, founded by Jimmy Boyle and Sarah Trevelyan. Includes interviews with Trevelyan, Boyle, artist Sebastian Horsley and volunteers working at the centre.

Credits: d. R. Wilson
ed. J. McKenzie

Shotlist: [shot-listed from .AVI file using Quicktime]

(0.00) blank (0.02) gvs of Sarah Trevelyan, Jimmy Boyle and their young daughter playing in living room of house (1.04) talking head Trevelyan about meeting Boyle in Special Unit at Barlinnie Prison intercut with gvs of cells in Barlinnie, inmate boxing with punch-bag - talking head Trevelyan about working with Boyle and forming relationship, their reasons for deciding to get married, intercut with shots of her and Boyle surrounded by press photographers (3.22) shots of Trevelyan and Boyle arriving at Registrar's office in Balfron for wedding ceremony, surrounded by press photographers, then leaving, Boyle answering reporter's question, couple driving away in Volkswagen Beetle - brief shot in their house (4.42) c/u shot of sculpture on gate at Gateway Exchange in Edinburgh and gv of Exchange - shot of young men entering Exchange, volunteers sweeping, hoovering and cleaning - volunteers working in theatre area, moving seats, volunteer Sebastian Horsley varnishing woodwork - gvs of sculptures inside centre - talking head volunteer about attitudes to art works in Exchange (7.28) talking head Trevelyan about art at Exchange and installation of fire escape, intercut with shots of fire escape (8.32) shot of Boyle being interviewed by press about purpose of centre - talking head Boyle about effect on him of the Special Unit at Barlinnie, his opportunity to pass on skills to others at Gateway Exchange (9.37) talking head user about role of Exchange, intercut with ext and int shots of Exchange, staff at work, Trevelyan on telephone, users in Exchange - talking head Exchange user about experience of prison - talking head female Exchange user about working in Exchange and creating artworks, art exhibitions, intercut with Exchange users at work (12.06) shots of drama rehearsal, talking head Exchange user about involvement in drugs and using the centre - shots of him working on video project with children from Exchange art class - talking head man who used to have alcoholism about involvement with the Exchange, about regaining self-respect, intercut with shots of him learning wood-working skills in workshop - talking head Exchange user about his communication problems with other people after leaving prison, internal meetings at Exchange - shots of Exchange users' meeting, discussing kitchen rota and tasks, and talking head user about differences of opinion at meetings (16.43) talking heads Horsley and Trevelyan about importance of meetings at Exchange, intercut with more shots of meeting - talking head user about opportunity to mix with different types of people - shots of user working in kitchen, shot of meeting (18.54) talking head user Ian / Angela in kitchen, about his change to dressing as a woman while at Exchange - shots of volunteer in workshop, talking ahead about benefits of users working communally in the Exchange (20.31) talking head Boyle about the success of the Exchange in its first two years - talking head Horsley and other users about the benefits of the Exchange - talking head Boyle about his preference for working with underprivileged communities and about his new family life (23.36) talking head Trevelyan about her earlier life and her happy marriage - closing shots of theatrical/dance performance at Exchange (25.51)