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  • Shetland Islands


  • Arts and crafts


  • Television documentary
  • Women film makers


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 4978

Date: 1986

Director: d. Rosie Gibson

Sponsor: Channel Four

Production company: Avonbridge Film Production in association with The Scottish Film Production Fund.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 49.17 mins

Description: A film about the plight of the women in the Shetland Isles who had to rely on knitting to make a living.

The National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive preserves production material from this programme as well as transcripts of interviews.

Winner of the Television and Radio Industries Club of Scotland (TRICS) Award.

Credits: thanks to: Maureen Burke, Barabara Moncrieff, Rosemary Inkster, Mary Spence, Beth Manson, Elizabeth Harper, Monica Scott, Sarah Grogan, Sarah Irvine, Liam Grogan, Tina Keogh, Ellie Smith, Alison Keogh, Rhona Wiseman, Lolly Graham, Michael Hannah, Neil And

Shotlist: REEL 1

People dressed in costume carrying torches (1.05); teenagers entering the Anderson High School (1.13); Title (1.42); woman talking to camera, Annie Robertson, a girl in costume, spinning wheel (2.42); Children knitting in front of a fire, c/u of a woman knitting, knitted garments, girls carrying baskets on their backs (3.42); Mary Manson, Kitty Bairnson, Minnie MacDonald talking to camera, shots of hands knitting, girls walking with baskets on their backs (7.17); looking through b&w photographs (7.48); girls dressed in costume reading a newspaper, spinning wheel, looms etc. (8.25); girls walking up a lane (8.38); court room scene (11.35); woman speaking (12.14); girls singing (12.41); children knitting (12.50); girls singing (13.25); peat bogs (13.36); Jeannie Hardie, photographs (15.00) girls walking away from a peat stack, women talking to the camera. photographs, shot of the sea and the girls dressed in costume walking over grass and rocks (19.30); girls walking across field, a monument in the memory of the Shetland Fishermen who perished (21.34); gvs of landscape, girls looking at photographs again (22.50); woman driving a tractor (23.40); Ina Ritchie talking to camera, sheep farming, sheep shearing, gvs of the farm and the sea (26.07); Eileen Nicolson, cows (27.33); woman building a haystack, gils reading a letter (28.16); women working in a factory, sewing machines, woman cleaning a hotel room (30.05); girls singing (30.43)


Girls dressed in costume walking through the Shetlands Town (0.38); Shetland Museum, girls being shown knitting exhibits (5.05); a knitted shawl, knitting being out into baskets (7.11); girls walking up an alley (7.30); exhibits being placed on a table (8.28); a woman with her children, women talking at a table and looking at photographs (11.23); a girl playing the fiddle, people sitting eating and drinking, woman dressing up in clothes (12.37); a woman hoeing her vegetables (13.11); a girl carrying a bucket of water, another girl trading knitting at a shop (13.59); a girl singing in a social club, a woman talking and rolling wool (16.20); children playing in an old ruin (17.28); ecs. (18.34)