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Reference number: T2345

Date: 1982

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 21.29 mins

Description: A television documentary in two parts, the first about crofting on Skye, and the second about the provision of Gaelic language education on the island.

[Please note the viewing copy may display some visible defects such as flicker]

Credits: film ed. Allan Armstrong

Shotlist: [shot-listed from 2 separate .AVI files using Quicktime]

[Part 1]
(0.00) blank (0.03) gvs of Museum of Island Life, Kilmuir, Skye, with blackhouses and restored farm carts - talking head man about exhibits and purpose of museum, intercut with int gvs of blackhouse, domestic fittings and paraphernalia, box bed - ext and int shots of blackhouses, gvs of runrig field systems around - gvs of blackhouse used as shed, another being renovated by two men (2.07) gv Battle of the Braes monument - l/s landscape at Braes - panning shot across Ben Lee - high gv Bay of Uig and pier - gv landscape, pass from Uig to Staffin - gvs blackhouse and landscape - c/u shot cairn commemorating the Glendale Land Leaguers - gv glen and houses (4.29) gv of Staffin village post office - int shots in post office, two women chatting in Gaelic - shot of cottage with goat and chickens - gv landscape panning to sheep dipping enclosure - shots of sheep in enclosure, farmers leading them to dip (6.49) talking head local history teacher Robert MacDonald about lack of local awareness of the crofting problems of the 1880s and levels of Gaelic speaking in the area, intercut with shots of farmers and sheep in enclosure, farmer removing dip gate, sheep being led through dip channel, other farmers watching - more gvs of sheep and farmers in enclosure (9.26) talking head older crofter Alastair MacLeod with his daughter Norma about importance of crofting to the younger generation, intercut with shots of crofts and livestock, landscape gvs - Norma talks about the importance of the Staffin crofting cooperative or co-chomunn, of which she is secretary - both talk about the sense of community in the area, intercut with c/u shot of community newsletter Mac Talla' - Norma talks about the newsletter being printed in English rather than Gaelic - MacLeod talks about need for good management of the cooperative and Norma talks about committee gathering momentum - gv of sea, cliff and waterfall running over edge (12.59) blank (13.08)

[Part 2]
(0.00) blank (0.03) gvs Portree harbour and Portree High School - talking head Gaelic teacher Donald MacDonald about Munn Report and Gaelic language provision at the school, more enthusiasm for the language in rural rather than urban areas (1.50) talking heads pupils about their differing enthusiasm and different reasons for learning Gaelic (4.15) talking head MacDonald about the primary school bilingual project in the area, intercut with shots of rural school, teachers leading singer of Gaelic psalm in classroom - talking head teacher about bilingual project - shots of primary children learning Gaelic in class - talking head about challenge to make Gaelic teaching interesting - more gvs of classroom lesson (8.14) blank (8.21)