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Reference number: T2335

Date: 1983, February

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 26.14 mins

Description: Presenter Tom Weir visits Loch Tay in Perthshire, including Kenmore, Killin and Acharn, and talks to the local minister, artisans and landowners - also includes an interview with singer Mary Sandeman and brief performances by her two sons.

[Please note the viewing copy may display some visible defects such as flicker.]

Credits: presenter Tom Weir
ed. Robert Bryce

Shotlist: [shotlisted from .AVI file using Quicktime]

(0.00) blank (0.05) STV ident - shot of PLM helicopter coming in to land on lawn at Taymouth Castle, Tom Weir gets out and waves to pilot - Weir presentation to camera about transport to Highlands - gv Loch Tay - aerial shot of Kenmore village and church - gvs of Kenmore square, Weir approaching village - shots of Celtic cross, church, details of architecture (3.23) establishing shot and interview with local minister Kenneth McVicar - talking head McVicar about history of church and village - gvs of village, houses and square - talking head McVicar about tourist industry - gvs of people sunbathing and playing on shore of Loch Tay, windsurfers, canoes, people paddling (5.21) shots of Weir entering tunnel on hillside and coming out at Falls of Acharn - gv river and bridge - shots of old farming implements on display - gvs of river - Weir crossing Lawers Burn - shot of kinetic sculpture on burn, 'wee men of the burn' - shots of horn carver Cameron Thomson at work in his workshop - shot of Weir entering workshop - c/u shots of products, including antler cutlery, combs - talking head Thomson about his career as a carver - shots of Thomson working at jigsaw - talking head Thomson about his favourite product - c/u of carved wooden horse and cart - shots of Thomson carving a fiddle, gvs of fiddles in workshop - talking head Thomson about learning Gaelic - shots of horn products on display, Thomson's house (10.31) gv of River Dochart at Killin - shots of cottages on Killin main street, tour coach stopping, postcards outside shop, guest house with restaurant - pan across field to Kinnell Park stone circle near Killin - shots of Weir walking round circle, details of stones (11.41) ext shot Keltneyburn Smiddy, c/u weathervane - int shots of blacksmith John Cumming at work - gvs smiddy and garden - talking head Cumming about starting work at smiddy - gvs of products inside smiddy - gvs of artist Morag Cumming at work in smiddy, shots of her products (14.40) gvs of Loch Tay and shore, c/u shots wildflowers - shot of Weir walking through field past ruined building to the Sandemans' house (16.34) talking head Mary Sandeman about the start of her singing career as a child, her own children competing at the Mod (17.44) Ian Sandeman reciting Gaelic poetry - talking head Mary Sandeman about desire to spread Gaelic culture - Sandeman sings Gaelic song - Duncan Sandeman plays bagpipes in cottage garden (20.01) aerial shot of shores of Loch Tay - gv loch - shots of Weir and Duncan Millar walking through Acharn village - gvs engineering workshop in village and ints men at work on Timbermaster winches? - shot of Weir and Millar approaching wooden jetty (21.24) talking head Millar about local economy and industry, sporting activities on Remony Estate - aerial shot of loch - gvs of families sunbathing and boating on loch - talking head Millar about sailing on loch - still shot of steamer 'Sybilla' on loch - talking head Millar about healthy Acharn community (23.24) shot of conversion and renovation work on old building - gvs of chalet buildings at Loch Tay Leisure Centre - gvs of loch - Weir presentation to camera about balance of tourism and traditional way of life around loch - closing sequence including shots of sailing, cyclists, sunbathers at loch, tourist shop, carver and blacksmith at work, aerial shots of loch with speedboat, Kenmore bridge and village, caravan site - STV ident (26.10) blank (26.14)