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Reference number: T2326

Date: 1983, May 25

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.55 mins

Description: Television documentary about Scottish society's attitudes towards homosexuality, including interviews with gay men and couples and featuring footage of the Edinburgh Gay Centre and the Lavender Menace bookshop.

Shotlist: (0.00) blank (0.02) talking head young gay man about his lifestyle - vox pops with a range of people on Shandwick Place, Edinburgh about their attitudes to homosexuality, all with very different views - fill shot of people walking along pavement (1.41) shots of Paul Traynor and Paul Halliday walking along Forth Street in Edinburgh and into Lavender Menace bookshop - talking heads Traynor and Halliday about how they met, falling in love and attitudes of others to their relationship shot of social worker John Hughes walking into bookshop - talking head Hughes about attitudes to homosexuality in previous decades - talking heads Traynor and Halliday about negative attitudes to homosexuality (5.11) talking head young woman about negative attitudes to lesbians - gvs of Edinburgh Gay Centre in Broughton Street - shot of ex-councillor Ian Christie chatting to friend in centre's coffee bar - talking head Christie about earlier attitudes to homosexuality and his personal experience of revealing his homosexuality in his professional life (7.34) shot of ex-teacher Ian McDonald working at coffee bar in centre - talking head McDonald about physical threats to gay men in public - shot of Gay Switchboard volunteer John taking a call, intercut with shots of posters on wall, including London Gay Switchboard, Gay C.N.D. - talking heads John and friend about their heterosexual lives before coming out (11.05) ints of 'Laughing Duck' pub in Edinburgh - talking head Jim Lindsay about being sacked from the Royal Navy because of his homosexuality - talking head about the public's ignorance and fear of the idea of homosexuality - shot of volunteer Ian and friend entering Gay Centre - talking heads same about idea of gay couples adopting children (14.12) gvs of bookshop - talking head Sigrid Nielson, co-owner of Lavender Menace, about society's expectations of young women, and tendency for lesbians to conceal their sexuality - talking heads older lesbian couple about their tendency to secrecy (16.35) shot of plasterer Andy McKechnie walking along Glasgow street - talking head McKechnie about prejudice - talking head man about being homosexual and being married to a woman at the same time (19.11) talking head young man in street about his mother's attitude to his relationships - talking heads various about relationships with their parents (21.52) shots of Scottish Homosexual Rights Group protest outside General Assembly in Edinburgh - talking head member of SHRG about Church of Scotland's attitude to homosexuality - talking head married man and other about reconciling Christian beliefs with homosexuality (23.27) fill shot of people walking along street - talking heads Traynor and Halliday about homosexuality - talking heads various contributors about social acceptance of homosexuality - closing sequence of images of gay bar, bookshop, General Assembly protest (25.55)