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Reference number: N0545

Date: 1982

Production company: Grampian Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 5.22 mins

Description: Interview with the owner of the Keillor factory in Dundee, and interior shots of the factory.

Brothers Ibrahim Okhai and Aziz Okhai who came to Scotland in the 60's from Malawi. They started out as painter/decorators, and through one means or another, ended up as traders in many own-branded items, including the Okhai calculator. They sold everything own-branded from corned beef to drinking straws. Also, showing innovative flair they were very successful in a variety of fields especially packaging, in which they continue today in Dundee, and also marmalade and confectionary, soft drinks, and stationery. [Thanks to Yusuf I. Okhai for details about the Okhai companies.]

Credits: rep. Ron Thomson

Shotlist: exts. factory owner, Ibrahim Okhai steps into car and drives off (0.17) ints. Keiller marmalade factory, Dundee; gvs owner walking past stainless steel vats (1.03) Interview with Mr Okhai seated at desk (1.37) c/u map of section of Africa, zoom on Malawi (1.48) ints. office, owner and his brother Aziz look at a file together (2.20) i/v Ibrahim speaks about the reasons for success of the business (4.31) c/u brothers sitting together (4.49) int. of the factory, shots of production manager, Derek Shaw, talking about the success of the business and why he relocated to be part of its development (5.22)