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Reference number: 9366

Date: 1953c

Director: [filmed by Lionel Butler]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.46 mins

Description: Home movies of family events and activities, including caravan holidays, days out, a street party and a visit to the zoo.

Films shot by Lionel Butler - a member of the Edinburgh Cine Club where he worked with many people, including Adam Malcolm. He knew Alan Harper of Campbell-Harper Films.

Shotlist: [no title] int shots of toddler sitting in high chair - toddler's bath time with mother, playing with sponge - mother feeding toddler - c/u young girl waving at camera (2.24) gvs river and woods, family walking along path in Glasgow park, boy in school blazer with RNLI pin on lapel, girls running around - girl with doll's pram in garden, mother and man posing for camera - int shots, mother posing for camera (5.05) gvs caravan with awning in field, children playing around - gvs caravan site and landscape, c/u shots mother and children (6.00) shots from caravan site in Fife near Kinghorn, looking over Firth of Forth, Inchkeith in distance, panning along past Edinburgh coastline - shot from car ferry leaving harbour - gvs family on beach at Elie, young girl posing for camera - dark shots man and woman inside caravan - gv Bass Rock from beach near Tantallon Castle - gvs family on beach and playing in water (8.54) gvs street party, children seated at long table, women watching from windows and doorways, Union flags flying, children wearing party hats, supervised by man wearing party hat and false nose - c/u shots children eating ice cream and drinking Vimto - gvs neighbours watching - boys handing out food - children dancing in street - party finishes, children file into garden and parents start to clear up - children on benches in back garden eating apples and lollies - older children perform play (13.33) brief shot toddler - gvs at zoo, including peacock, polar bear, family walking past, mother helping toddler to walk - gvs crowds at Edinburgh Zoo, man on bench in foreground holding baby, children on elephant ride (15.09) family groups in back garden posing for photographs (15.46)