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Reference number: 9363

Date: 1955c

Director: [filmed by Lionel Butler]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.26 mins

Description: Amateur footage of army units demolishing Dreghorn Castle near Edinburgh.

Films shot by Lionel Butler - a member of the Edinburgh Cine Club where he worked with many people, including Adam Malcolm. He knew Alan Harper of Campbell-Harper Films.

Shotlist: [no title] - gvs army personnel on site at Dreghorn Castle, Edinburgh, castle in state of dereliction, surrounded by wire fence with 'Danger' sign - soldiers use flame-thrower to set fire to ground and first floor rooms through open windows - soldiers watch as fire spreads throughout main body of castle - gvs castle completely ablaze - c/u shots window frames and rafters burning - fireman walks past as building blazes - gvs fire in interior of building (2.34) gvs of burnt-out remains of building, walls, chimneystacks and turret still standing - army personnel inspect remains (3.21) gvs soldiers drilling holes in wall of building and packing in explosive charges, connecting cables - soldiers unroll fuse cable then wait for detonation - gvs soldier with detonator box (5.53) detonation, middle section of building with turret collapses, clouds of dust spread - soldiers return to inspect damage - another explosion, another section of building collapses - c/u soldier with detonator box - another section of building explodes, stones hurtle along path towards camera (6.55) army personnel inspect pile of rubble (7.08) revert to previous wide shot of middle section of building exploding, cloud of dust spreading - gvs piles of rubble and remaining sections of wall (8.14) wide remains of castle - c/u detonator being wound up - another section of castle explodes - army personnel climb over rubble - gvs site of demolished castle (10.26)