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Reference number: 9309

Date: 1956*

Director: [filmed by Dr. Iain Dunnachie]

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 7.43 mins

Description: Story of a little boy's adventures in his new home town of Broughty Ferry.

Awarded Andrew Buchanan Cup - for the best family film at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1958. See also ref. 9308

Cataloguer's comment: Fantastic beach scenes at Broughty Ferry, late 1950s. The colours, the fashions and the sheer number of people!

Credits: Ian Dunnachie presents

Shotlist: opening credit and title (0.05) On 1st July 1957 we moved to Broughty Ferry. A year later Robin had many favourite haunts (0.16) shot of Robin riding his tricycle along the main street and along the seafront (0.46) shot of Robin coming out of a shop with an ice cream (?) getting back on his tricycle and pedalling away (0.57) shot of the railway level crossing gate closing and Robin and two other boys watching the train go by (1.22) shot of a train going through Broughty Ferry train station (1.33) shot of Robin on his tricycle pedalling along the pavement of the main street past “George Martin Builders Ltd” and a shop selling Kodak and Ilford camera equipment (1.53) Robin turns on a water fountain and takes a drink of water and stops outside a lifeboat shed (2.25) he climbs up a lifeboat slipway containing RNLB Mona. The camera stops in front of the boat’s name. Shot of Robin on the lifeboat standing with a crew member. Shot of Robin and the crew member on the boat which is still situated on the slipway (2.52) shot of Robin watching men (volunteers or staff of the RNLI Royal National Lifeboat Institute taking down the mast of the boat, boat slipping back into shed (3.16) shots of Robin back on his tricycle pedalling way from the lifeboat shed. - note the lines full of washing blowing in the breeze along seafront. Shot of robin pedalling along streets (3.53) and entering a park with a sign “No cycling, dogs unless led. By order” Shot of Robin going through park past crowds of people, people watching a dog show (4.21) Shot of Robin playing in the park, roundabout and sliding down big tube - before pedalling away again (4.48) Robin goes down to the beach. Shot of the crowds on the beach next to a Walls ice cream hut. Shot of women selling ice cream and sweets [bonbons in paper bags]. GVs of the crowds on the beach - mobbed, so colourful great shots (5.42) Shot of sign “Kiddies Railway 6 D” shot of Robin on the railway ride (5.59) More GVs of the beach - so busy! (6.04) Shot of Robin pedalling past a fairground with rides, under fortress style archway and into the woods. Robin shown pushing his tricycle up a hill (7.10) Shots of the coast line from the top of the hill (7.17) shot of Robin pedalling along a path and into a garden. Robin back home, enters the door The End (7.43)