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Title: ROBIN

Reference number: 9308

Date: 1951

Director: d. George M Barr

Producer: Dr and Mrs Dunnachie

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.31 mins

Description: Everyone has to pitch in and help as Iain Dunnachie's new baby son Robin becomes part of the family! A prize-winning amateur film. See also ref. 9309

Awarded John Robertson Jnr Memorial Prize -£5, at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival, 1953.

Credits: [opening credits]
Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers 1952 Festival Commended Film. Scottish Amateur Film Festival 1953. A prize-winning film. Iain Dunnachie presents...

[end credits]
camera work A.J. MacLay, I. Dunnachieproduced by M&I Dunnachie
d. George M. Barr

Shotlist: [orchestral music throughout] Shot of two girls (Avril and Margot Dunnachie) in a garden cradling their dolls. They approach their mother (Mrs Dunnachie) “MUMMY, WE WOULD LIKE A REAL BABY” Shot of the girls’ mother smiling. AND SO…ON THE 5TH OF OCTOBER 1951 AT STOBHILL HOSPITAL Shot of a baby in a hospital cot crying and shot of his mother trying to comfort him (sound of the baby crying). AND… THREE WEEKS LATER AT HOME Sound and shot of the baby still crying and one of the girls (Margot)holding the baby. The mother takes the baby and feeds him a bottle (with the sound of water running and music playing) watched by Margot. Shot of the baby finishing his bottle and being burped. 2ND DEC 1951 “SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME” Sound of church bells and gvs of the exterior of a church. Shot of a dog sitting outside of the church and a shot of two women coming out of the church holding the baby (who looks to be in christening clothes). Sound of choir music and people entering the church. Shot of the mother and baby in a house with a crowd of people about to cut into a cake. Shot of the cake which has “Robert Ian William” on it. The cake is cut and people are shown holding the baby. Shot of Avril and Margot reading a comic, shot of their mother ironing. “WILL YOU READ US A STORY MUMMY?” Shot of the mother shaking her head. “I’M SORRY, BUT I’VE ROBIN TO BATH” Shot of the girls. “WHY CAN’T DADDY BATH ROBIN?” Shot of the mother agreeing. “AND SO…ON THE 27TH OF JANUARY 1952 The father (Mr Dunnachie) is shown bathing Robin. One of the girls comes and helps and is shown washes the rubber duck in the bath. Shot of the father drying Robin. The father covers Robin in talcum powder and continues to dry him. The father then dresses Robin. Shot of a bead of sweat running down the father’s face. The father then feeds Robin. ecs