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Reference number: 9285

Date: 1951c

Production company: The Clan Film Unit

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.10 mins

Description: Join the mobile cinema van belonging to the Highland and Islands Film Guild as it makes its way along country roads to village halls in Kilmefort, Taynuilt, Dalmally and Kilchrenan.

Credits: The Clan Film Unit presents

produced by Iain Dunnachie

Shotlist: opening credit and title. van driving along over bridge (0.47) Although the Highlands and Islands cover nearly half of Scotland, only a twentieth of the population live there. This gives a density of population of 20 per square mile. (Glasgow has 10,000 per sq. ml.) The Mobile Cinema Vans of the Highlands and Islands Film Guild server the film needs of the people of this area. They go, once a fortnight, into any village that can provide a hall and there set up a temporary cinema, usually generating their own electricity. In this film we follow one of the Mobile Cinema Vans, seeing a few of the places, and meeting some of the people who attend the shows of the Highlands & Islands Film Guild (1.41) mobile cinema van arrives at Kilmore Hall (2.09) man unloads film equipment and starts to set things up inside hall, including projector (2.58) gvs crowds of adults and children walking along country road, arriving at the hall on a sunny day (3.22) shot of man cranking power generator (?) in back of van, brief exts hall (3.47) brief shot projector, then gvs film being shown - film features story with shepherd and sheepdog (4.43) shot of the mobile cinema driving down country road (4.56) Kilmefort. Population 163 brief scenic shot of loch, followed by various shots of people making their way on foot to the mobile cinema along country roads, passing church and graveyard, alongside a river, by bicycle (5.49) exts house/hall where films are being shown (5.58) people looking at 'Forthcoming Attractions' board (6.07) shot of mobile cinema van driving along rural road (6.22) woman feeding chickens and turkeys in yard (6.56) shot of mobile cinema van driving along rural road, gvs scenics (7.27) c/u film being projected, featuring farmer running tractor in field of crops (7.52) Taynuilt. Pop. 415. gvs people arriving for the film show, on foot, by bicycle, by motorbike, in the rain (8.45) shot of mobile cinema van driving along rural road (8.57) Dalmally. Pop. 1000. exts hall, sign reads 'Argyll Territorial & Auxiliary Forces Association. Damally Territoral Centre' (9.07)young people and children arriving at the hall (9.22) Dalmally train station, people entering tearoom (9.36) gvs people arriving at hall (9.48) two men on motorboat, gvs man line fishing, he successfully catches a fish (10.56) older man and group of children arriving at hall (11.20) c/u sign 'B845 Kilchrenan' shot of three separate horses and carts carrying passengers along road, and the mobile cinema van driving past (11.40) gvs man in tractor cutting grass, man on the back of the tractor managing the cutting equipment (12.44) Kilchrenan. Pop. 200 gvs people walking along rural road (13.04) shot of loch and hills beyond (13.11) people walking and cycling (13.26) view over loch to whitewashed buildings (13.32) exts general store 'R. Stirton', man standing in doorway holding a pipe (3.44) woman walking along path (13.50) field and cows (13.55) shot of mobile cinema van driving along rural road (14.06) ecs (14.10)