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Reference number: 8787

Date: 1975

Director: filmed by G M M Thomson

Sound: sound

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.44 mins

Description: Amateur documentary about an agricultural show in the Borders on a sunny summer day.

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Shotlist: Movie Maker Ten Best Four Star Rating - title - gvs show site before event, marquees and empty pens - livestock lorries arriving - unloading machinery - setting up stalls and marquees - gvs unloading livestock into pens - cattle being groomed - zoom into car registration 'COO 274G' - gvs farmers and judges around pens, chasing errant sheep (3.24) gvs sheep dog trials, c/u shots of dog and shepherd - horses being unloaded from trailers - judges assessing sheep as crowds look on - more shots of sheep dog trials, including brief speeded-up section (5.59) young men eating ice cream - shot of 'Industrial Section' marquee - ints of marquee, farm produce competition displays, including bakery, flowers - bar from the Black Swan Inn, Kelso, and c/u shots of customers chatting - gvs people having picnics on showground - loudspeakers announce start of parade - gvs cattle, spectators watching parade - back to sheep dog trials, same shepherd - gvs of Berwickshire Hunt and dogs, spectators - back to sheep dog trials, same shepherd finally gets sheep into pen - gvs spectators sunbathing - gvs show-jumping competition and spectators, some slow-motion shots - prizes presented for show-jumping - gvs haulage trucks leaving site, marquees being taken down and packed, cars leaving - gvs empty site with marquees - ecs (11.44)