BORDERS: Where Scotland and England Meet, the

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Title: BORDERS: Where Scotland and England Meet, the

Reference number: 2223

Date: 1970

Director: d. Mike Pavett

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the County Councils of Berwick, Northumberland, Peebles, Roxburgh and Selkirk

Production company: Edinburgh Film Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.33 mins

Description: The changing forces in the traditional borderland; in the fishing and textile industries, farming, forestry and housing.

Paper archive file.

Shown at Edinburgh Playhouse Cinema, week beginning 9 November 1970. Supported TOO LATE THE HERO. Audience 5948.

Credits: p. Robin Crichton
ph. Gordon Coull
m. Misha Donat
comm. s. Iain Cuthbertson
sd. rec. John Dignan, Ian Leslie
production assistants David Peat, Margaret Irvine
treatment Murray Grigor

Shotlist: Title (0.08) scenes of a car rally among forest tracks (0.47) shots of people and cars at rally control point (1.03) aerial shot of Borders countryside (1.10) shot of field (1.15) shot of the Tweed river including its source, a map is superimposed over some of the pictures; canoeists are seen in the last shot (2.11) unidentified castle (2.21) shots of unidentified Border abbeys (2.41) aerial shot of the Tweed (2.50) aerial view of unidentified castle, possibly at Norham (2.56) aerial pan of River Tweed as it flows into Berwick upon Tweed (3.14) aerial view of Berwick's Elizabethan walls (3.26) street scenes of Berwick on a market day (3.54) tractors and harvesting machines in a field (4.09) researcher examines crops in a field (4.21) pan shot of coniferous plantation (4.30) trees being felled (4.56) scenes at a harbour of boats, catch being unloaded and fish auctions (5.20) lobster tails are packed in boxes (5.27) frozen lobster tails are quality inspected (5.35) shots of cattle and sheep in a field (5.47) Hawick abbatoir: butcher meat is brought outside and a truck drives off (6.01) man shearing sheep (6.08) woman examines woven fabrics (6.16) man creates design for fabric (6.20) general shots of cloth being woven by machines (7.38) exhibition of fabric at the Scottish College of Textiles (7.54) scene in classroom as students work with wooden looms (8.11) man inspects circuit boards (8.20) people doing various jobs in light industries; last shot shows people working with computer punch cards (9.18) [blank] (9.22) construction workers building houses (9.40) int. of uncompleted factory (9.46) ext. shots of various types of new houses (10.10) ext. of new school and colleges (10.30) scenes inside a secondary school: a language laboratory, science classes, art class, and a technical class (11.30) a rugby match (11.45) a man fishing in a river (12.08) people playing golf (12.29) people sailing small boats for pleasure (13.00) ext. of architect's office (13.09) int. of architect's office, architects are seen discussing and planning buildings (13.31) aerial long shot of Galashiels (13.52) long shot of Berwick (13.58) aerial shot of light industry complex, possibly at Berwick (14.02) aerial shot of uncompleted new housing estate, possibly at Berwick (14.10) aerial tracking shot of unidentified small Borders town (1.418) shots of roads and cars on the move blended with shots of trees and a town (probably Galashiels) (14.47) tracking shot of large house or hotel, a concrete building and a long shot of a castle (15.00) hilly landscape pans to man working in a field on an abstract design (15.20) c/u man working on design (15.27) c/u of various abstract designs (15.45) man examines coloured wool (15.50) c/u of cloth designs (16.13) two boys and a girl riding horses (16.49) brief shot of forest car rally (16.56) man on horse carrying standard (possibly part of the Common Riding Festival) (17.03) shots of a couple driving along country roads, then aerial sweep of landscape (17.26) aerial shot of Tantallon Castle (17.35) aerial shot possibly of small factory for light industry (17.38) aerial shots of unidentified towns (17.49) aerial shot of coniferous forest (17.59) aerial shot of village (18.01) credits (18.33)