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  • Borders
  • Roxburghshire
  • Selkirkshire


  • Agriculture


  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 9258

Date: 1972 / 1973 / 1974

Director: filmed by James Robertson

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 53.35 mins

Description: Amateur magazine film of daily life and events in several Borders towns from 1972 to 1974, including Melrose, Newtown St. Boswells, Hawick and Galashiels.

Shotlist: FILMED BY JAMES ROBERTSON 1972 - St. Boswells town sign - gvs men standing outside shop, Lawrie's Garage - gvs bus, Buccleuch Arms Hotel - road sign River Tweed, gvs river, columns of Leaderfoot viaduct, construction company sign - gvs cars going over old Leaderfoot Bridge and construction site of new bridge - gvs cows in field (1.21) road signs Dryburgh and Scott's View B6356 - AA sign at Scott's View - gvs sightseers at viewpoint and surrounding countryside - children riding on donkey in field and posing for camera - [leader] - donkey (2.56) gvs people outside their houses, working in gardens, flowers in bloom (3.38) combine harvester at work in field [dark / under-exposed] (6.02) gvs village road, flowers - gvs street, Sunblest delivery van, shop, children and shopkeeper posing for camera, old man on street (6.41) high gvs of river - gvs various people posing for camera and passing on street - Buccleuch Knitwear Shop sign, more people on street (7.54) Newtown St. Boswells town sign - Newtown Church sign - gvs church and boys outside - gvs Roxburgh County Council buildings, Newtown District war memorial, older man sitting on bench - gvs children playing on street around shop and in front of houses (9.17) gvs landscape, hills and children playing on roundabout - gvs people in street, cars passing by - young boys and children posing for camera - children on bikes in side street - gvs bank and shop (12.08) gvs and c/us wildflowers - sheep and cattle in fields - sign Dryburgh Abbey Hotel - gvs hotel, wildflowers, river - c/u shots moth on window (13.50) gvs hills, river, gardens, horses, garden flowers, landscape, wildflowers (15.21) crop spraying in field [dark] - gvs sheep, garden, cattle (16.15) THE YEAR 1973 FILMED BY JAMES ROBERTSON - St. Boswells town sign - gvs traffic at junction, Buccleuch Arms Hotel, street, shops, traffic passing - int shot of shop - gvs of town, Eildon Hills, landscape, boy walking dog - oof pans landscape - gvs hills, men sitting on bench, large building, woodland, river , girls at gate - gvs estate gate, country road (18.51) c/u Dryburgh Abbey sign - gvs abbey and grounds, visitors, war memorial, Walter Scott's tomb - gvs hotel (20.13) Hawick town sign - gvs Reiver statue, traffic on High Street, people on pavement and at work, Town Hall - women sitting on wall having a drink - gvs river and river-side park, boys on water - gvs women talking on High Street, traffic, Wilton Mills, river - gvs people sitting in the sun - children playing in swing-park (24.22) Galashiels town sign - gvs people and traffic on streets - people sitting on benches in sun, in square and public gardens - people passing along pavements, church spire, people on bench - Kingsway bingo and cinema - gvs main street and people passing - gvs Woolworth's shop - group of young boys wave to camera - burgh buildings - gvs street and bus station, Eastern Scottish coaches - gvs Eildon Hills, river - tracking shots inside bus (29.37) Melrose town sign - gvs hills - Melrose Abbey sign - gvs abbey, visitors - gvs street and people at shops - gvs caravan site, children playing in swing-park - gvs main street, children waving to camera (33.03) THE YEAR 1974 FILMED BY JAMES ROBERTSON - oof gvs horses - gvs Eildon Hills, landscape, cattle, horses, river and angler, bird's nests in hedge - gvs hills and town, river - youths and older people posing for camera in countryside - ms Dryburgh Abbey Hotel - dark shot of dog and rubbish - dark shots at market, horses, sheep, cattle in fields - shots aircraft overhead - gvs sheep in field - [dark] (38.54) gvs dogs in enclosure, horses in field, hills, tractor ploughing, helicopter and Vulcan bomber flying past, angler in boat on river, swans, landscape and town, hills - gvs sheep in field, landscape, horses, fields and town - [shaky] l/shots calves in field, houses with smoking chimneys (45.11) ls Eildon Hills, gvs river, aircraft overhead, landscape pans - shaky shots of buildings, river, landscape, old man walking through woods, river (49.22) c/u Historic Motoring Extravaganza poster - gvs Mellerstain and grounds, visitors at vintage car show - merry-go-round - line of cars arriving and driving round show area - gvs visitors and motorbike display, sales stalls - gvs motorcycles going round show area, then more cars - gvs grounds and crowds - glider overhead - THE END - ecs (53.35)