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Reference number: 8774

Date: 1957 - 1958

Director: [filmed by David Boyd, William Robertson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.03 mins

Description: The design, construction and launch of the yacht 'sceptre' at Robertson's yard at Sandbank, its sea trials on the Clyde and English Channel, and preparation for the 1958 America's Cup race at Newport, Rhode Island.

For more information please see [last accessed 11/06/2018]

Shotlist: title with America's Cup replica - shots of yacht 'sceptre' designer David Boyd in work-room, at drawing table with plans - shots of Boyd inspecting model of hull - Boyd and draughtsman Jim McAuley looking over plans (1.08) int gvs in Alexander Robertson & Sons boatyard at Sandbank, workers with molten lead, yacht's keel being cast in mould, Boyd and one of Robertson brothers looking on - gvs of molten lead in mould (1.50) shots of Boyd and McAuley in work-room discussing and comparing samples of rope and metal cable (2.16) int shots of Robertson's shed, hull of sceptre under construction - gv keel showing alternate steel and oak frames in place - pan across yacht in shed with some of African mahogany side planking in place - long plank being fitted in place and clamped - screw holes being drilled - c/u screws in place - screws being tightened - rivets being hammered in on outside surface and on inside, two men working in tandem (4.02) interior views of yacht, showing frames, bilge, mast step - c/u shots man working on rudder post - two workers fitting plank on underside - caulking on underside - c/u shot of dowel being fitted and trimmed flush - caulking strip being fitted - side of hull and stern being rough-sanded (5.53) tilt up from bow to deck before deck planks are laid - white pine deck planks being cut and fitted to glued surface and nailed into place - coaming fitted around edge of cockpit and clamped - caulking deck planks - sanding side of hull - coating finished hull with spray can - final shot in shed of hull painted white with waterline - shots of hull being brought out of shed on cradle - gvs hull in yard (8.34) gvs of launch of sceptre, April 2nd, 1958 at Robertson's yard - bottle is tied, crowds gather, film cameras on platform in foreground, workers on deck - on platform with David Boyd and Hugh Goodson, Lady Gore performs launch to three cheers from crowd - cradle is pulled down slipway, sceptre enters water and detaches from cradle - gvs sceptre on water with bunting attached (9.43) Goodson and others are rowed out to board sceptre - yacht sets sail on Holy Loch for trials and into Firth of Clyde - shots from alongside with Goodson at wheel and Boyd and others on board - shots of sceptre sailing away from Dunoon pier (12.02) gvs of sceptre on trials in English Channel, sailing alongside K-2 'Evaine' - shot of support launch 'Ravahine' with Goodson and others on board - shots of sceptre passing and both yachts rounding buoy, then hoisting spinnakers, Evaine having trouble with spinnaker - brief shot from stern of Ravahine (14.57) gvs Newport Shipyard, Rhode Island, with sceptre on cradle on slipway, crew and others looking on - gvs Wright mansion 'Horsehead' at Southwest Point, Jamestown, yacht sails laid out on lawn, crew members coming out of house and Bishop, Jackson, Tremlett, Connell, Lennox, Langford and Ratsey posing for camera at cars - brief shot of speedboat leaving shore (15.30) gvs American yacht 'Columbia' and sceptre at sea off Newport, competing for America's Cup - THE END (16.03)