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1950 | bwcol | silent
FAMILY 1946, January - 1953
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1953 | bw | silent

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Reference number: 0140

Date: 1953c

Director: filmed by Nettie McGavin

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 40.07 mins

Description: A holiday film taken in India, with a tour to Delhi, the Mohammedan Mosque, the Taj Mahal, the Punjab, Calcutta (now Kolkata) and Madras (now Chennai).

One of a number of films made by Nat and Nettie McGavin, of McGavin’s Tea, during company business trips to the tea producing countries.

Shotlist: [Shotlisted at different speed. Actual timing is 40.07 mins @ 18 fps]

Credits (.08) Delhi. Street scenes, Government buildings and Houses of Parliament. Indians pay homage to Gandhi on his birthday. Hand spinning of cotton (2.15) Birla Temple (Hindu) - The Red Fort built by akbar, Mogl Emperor, 16th century. The Pearl Mosque. shots of cutting and polishing of stones for mosque (3.59) Mohammedan Mosque. Shots of effigies which are burnt at Hindu festival of Dussehra (5.17) shots of snake-charmers, shop-keepers, elephants and camels (6.47) Agra. Shots of the Taj Mahal (7.46) Travelling through the Punjab - Ludhiana. Street scenes, traffic, market stalls. Shots of Christian Medical College (10.41) The United Provinces - Kasgant. Street scenes. Shots of the hospital (13.25) general shots of the people in the town (15.30) shots of livestock by a lake. Farming with an ox-drawn plough. Drawing water from a well. Shots of clothes being washed in the lake (18.21) Benaras. Shots of temple built at the spot where Buddha received enlightenment. Buddhists bathing and praying in the River Ganges. Canoes cut from trunks of palm trees (21.38) Assam. Shots of tea-picking (23.23) Calcutta. Street scenes. St. Andrew's Church of Scotland. Jain Temple (24.07) Madras. General street scenes. Church of Scotland Mission. The Christian College (27.00)