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Title: OLD AND THE NEW, the

Reference number: 1167

Date: 1948 - 1955

Director: filmed by Astral Films

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.30 mins

Description: A record of the renovation work on the Bellhaven cafe, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, between 1948 to 1955; shows the work of masons, joiners, glaziers and the Cocozza family on the new Cafe, and the interest of passers-by.

Shotlist: Credits. A record of renovation at West Cross, Wishaw from 1948 - 1955. Once a dance hall, then a garage, an auction room, a "tote" and then again an auction room, in fact a "DUMP"! Exterior shots of the West End Cross and of the Auction Rooms, including billboards advertising Creamola, Miner's Union, Booth's Gin etc. (1.14); Now the Connoisseur (1.17); Exterior shots of the rear of the building, renovated with new harling and a garden (1.44); In the Spring of 1954 (1.46); Exterior shots of the Bellhaven cafe (3.10); Two men measure the outside of the cafe; women in pinnies move waste wood around to the back of the Cafe (4.15); Joiners and other workmen renovate the exterior of the cafe; customers are seen walking around the renovations (8.06) a young stone mason removes the pediment of the buildings' facade, as joiners and a bricklayer rebuild the doorway- local people are shown looking on, including a small boy with a slider two workmen are shown getting a slider form Mrs Cocozza? (9.11) a bricklayer is shown filling in beneath the window; glaziers replace windows- removing the old without gloves; a new glass door is fitted between rows of glass bricks built into the jams (14.58) gvs workman installing the "granite effect" front step for the new door, included shots of mixing the chips and pigment; shots workman and older woman playing with an Alsatian chasing a broom; pawnbroker's sign is visible across the street (16.24) priming and re-cladding the exterior in black and white tile, including the new sign; gvs groups of people watching, and commenting (22.30); [Col.] In the spring of 1955 (22.36); Exterior shot of the cafe (23.02) The End.