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Title: RIVER CLYDE, the

Reference number: 0580

Date: 1954c

Sponsor: Joint Production Committee of SEFA and SFC

Production company: Thames and Clyde Film Co.

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20 mins

Description: The river from source to sea; farming and fruitgrowing in the Lanarkshire countryside and the river's traditions of heavy industry and shipbuilding.

See 11/1/311 for Teaching notes and file containing correspondence, scripts etc. with diagrams and still.

Check out ref. 3940 for possible unused material.

Note: This is a different film from title of the same name at ref. 0398.

Credits: educational adviser Gordon Rae, MA

Shotlist: REEL 1
Credits (.06) Part 1 - Upper Course. Map illustrating course of the river (.49) Abington. Shots of shepherd and flock. Traffic on the A74. Bridge over the river. Steam train on line (1.25) map of the river by Lanark (1.36) general shots of countryside. The Falls of Clyde. Shots of power station (2.05) Livestock auction ring (2.29) shots of Lanark's Lanimer day, floats procession and crowds. Coronation of the Lanimer Queen (2.59) general shots of market gardening and fruit growing areas (3.40) map of river by Motherwell (3.52) ext. of steelworks (3.59) shots inside foundry. Name plates of various different companies (4.41) ext. of steelworks as yard engine shunts off (4.48) map of river at Glasgow (5.00) crowds in Central Station, Glasgow, possibly at the Glasgow Fair (5.21) steam locomotive no. 46232 at platform (5.24) several shots of Argyle Street, Glasgow, with trams, buses, etc. (5.48) One million people. Third city of Britain. city of crowds and congestion, of commerce and industry. "Made in Glasgow" is a trade mark for a great range and variety of products - binoculars and bagpipes, Bibles and beer, cigarettes and confections, cookers and cables. But the industries which give Glasgow its greatness are connected with ... (6.05) 1. Shipbuilding. Aerial view of Clyde shipyards (6.25) various shots of men on construction work and shots of gantries. Launch of the "Bendigo", 12th August 1954, at Fairfield's Yard, Govan. Shots of fitting out (7.44) 2. Engineering. Shots inside heavy engineering shop floor (8.46) 3. Locomotive construction. Shots inside the North British Locomotive company works of several engines under construction. Cab no. 3526 for South African railway (works no. 27386) (9.49) shot of a locomotive on transporter in Glasgow streets and being loaded by the Finnieston crane onto vessel at docks (10.48) 4. Textiles. Shots inside Templeton's carpet factory in Glasgow (11.28) ecs (11.44)

Credits (.05) [Part II - Lower Course] The River Clyde was not always navigable. Islands blocked the channel. Map of the river (.09) Deepening and dredging have made the channel navigable for ocean-going vessels. Shots from boats of various vessels moored along the river (.29) Map of river from Govan to Yoker (.41) Docks have now been built to handle 6 million tons of goods a year. Imports and exports are almost equal. Shots of docks and loading of various kinds of merchandise onto large ocean-going cargo vessel (2.20) Glasgow required many different river crossings. Shots of passenger ferry, possibly at Finnieston, the Renfrew Ferry, and city centre bridges (3.03) ext. of St. Enoch underground station. Int. of train at platform. The passengers embark (3.20) The lower Clyde towns. Smaller, but similar to Glasgow. Map of the river at Paisley (3.28) ext. of mill, possibly Coats, and the River Cart (3.34) inside thread mills. Various shots of production processes (4.23) map of river at Clydebank (4.25) shots of John Brown's yard and ship in the fitting-out basin (4.43) ext. of Singer factory and workforce entering. Int. shots of packing sewing machines and storing same (5.05) map of the river at Greenock (5.18) pan of town from hill (5.39) Westburn sugar refinery. Ext., int. and yard (6.36) The Clyde pleasure steamers. Shots of passengers on deck "Queen Mary II" at the Broomielaw. Various shots from boat as it passes down river, including shots of Fairfield's yard, Finnieston crane, the Renfrew ferry and out into the Firth of Clyde. shots of Dumbarton Rock (8.42) man on shore watching cargo vessels pass (9.03) ecs (9.20)

Running time approx 20 minutes in total