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  • Stirlingshire


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Institutional care
  • Leisure and recreation


  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 8496

Date: 1974

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.58 mins

Description: Two thousand years of Bonnybridge's history is crammed into this amateur film, which also explores the town in 1974, when the film was made. Footage includes children playing and returning from school, a doctor doing his rounds, Wheatlands old folks home, annual scout camp at Barr Wood and a well-attended garden fete.

See also ref. 8257 for a related film about Bonnybridge made by the same film-maker in the 1980s.

Credits: The Producer thanks many individuals, firms and associations for facilities given to make this film.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from timecoded VHS, manual control track, and .wav sound file]

(0.00) title [Bonnybridge is two miles across, and this film aims to explore two thousand years of Bonnybridge's story] c/u sign for Antonine Wall, includes Bonnyside House to Rough Castle (2.25) gvs Forth and Clyde Canal (3.11) exts Union Inn, Port Downie Works, views over Bonnybridge rooftops (3.47) exts Smith and Wellstood Foundry. c/u James Smith commemorated in stained glass window of Parish Church (4.33) c/u the basket he was saved from during a shipwreck in in the Atlantic, c/u photo and book with his invention - a new fuel saving stove (5.00) c/u railway line, gvs now derelict Greenhill Station (5.47) gvs street terraced housing (Almondale home?) (6.23) exts former house inhabited by Ure's, Ure Crescent (6.50) exts Parish Church, founded by George Ure (7.03) brief shot foundry - men at work with molten metal [dark] - intercut with c/u early records of the works (8.23) exts aggregate plant, men and lorries moving stones etc, including 'Johnston & Paton' lorry (8.52) gvs surrounding landscape and a walking tour around contemporary Bonnybridge [in 1974] including housing estates, streets, some children at play and riding bikes, exts old folks houses (9.41) gvs army personnel 'Royal Engineers' (?) building a bridge across the Bonny to link the new leisure centre and the Duncan Stewart Memorial Park (10.11) exts leisure centre where the older people of the community arrive to go to luncheon club (10.43) ints busy lunch club (10.54) after lunch, people enjoy a game of bowls (11.10) men digging town gardens [formerly a railway station] (11.28) brief ext school., gvs children walking home from school (11.43) children playing in garden, exts housing (12.05) exts shopping centre 'Hairstylist.' 'MACE' 'A&M Gardner newsagent (12.19) car in lot on sale for £1095, brief shot newsagent (12.30) exts Health Services Clinic, shot of doctor getting in car to do his rounds, brief shots of streets as he drives along (13.17) exts Wheatlands Old Folks Home (13.45) ints dining room with period features, shot of lady sitting peeling potatoes (13.54) exts elderly ladies posing for photos on steps (14.04) ints drawing room, brief exts men in grounds (14.16) shot of newly wed couple coming out of Parish Church and posing for photos steps (14.44) annual scout camp at Barr Wood, crowds of people sit on grass, the minister (priest?) makes a sermon, boy scouts from Bonnybridge meet with other scouts from the county, awards are presented (15.06) boys prepare campfire, tents in background (15.17) c/u poster advertising "Garden Party at 'Mora' Larbert Road, Bonnybridge Weds 24th July 2pm - 4pm. Tickets 20p. Stalls. Flowers. Cake & Candy. ? and Ice Cream. Children's Film Show 5p." gvs well attended garden fete, lots of tables out in garden, tea and cakes, games (15.57) Brian Marchbanks., a newcomer to the community, arrives [commentary notes he is 'better known on the small screen than on the large screen'] (16.11) overview, tracking shot contemporary Bonnybridge, intercut with a few old photos. gvs streets and children playing. gvs fairground and the Bonnybridge Gala Day 1974, featuring floats, bands, everyone marching along the street (18.47) little girls with flowers make their way to podium, Gala Queen [no crowning recorded, however]. Film ends with brief shot Robert the Bruce( ?) statue and c/u Scottish flag (19.38) ecs (19.58)