TWO THOUSAND AND ONE PACES: A Newsreel of Bonnybridge

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Title: TWO THOUSAND AND ONE PACES: A Newsreel of Bonnybridge

Reference number: 8257

Date: 1983

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.52 mins

Description: An amateur newreel about Bonnybridge in the early 1980s. Features children walking for the bus, the annual Scout camp at Barr Wood, clearing the banks of the Forth and Canal, and the Bonnybridge Gala celebrations, complete with crowning of the Gala Queen.

See also ref. 8496 for a related film about Bonnybridge made by the same film-maker in the mid-1970s.

Shotlist: (0.00) Morag in window. gvs streets with bunting and a few people. JJ Films present 2000 + 1 PACES A Newsreel of Bonnybridge (0.44) housing being built, gvs construction site 'The Lafferty Group' (2.31) ints nursery with toddlers [slightly oof] youngster on rocking horse, arts and crafts activities (3.01) THEY WALKED FOR THE BUS outside school, a few children and young people leave in car, many more congregate outside and start walking along country roads [some 70s fashions in evidence!] (4.45) OPEN DAY FVA SCOUTS gvs annual Scout Gathering at at Barr Wood, footage includes children and adults in crowds, pipe band (5.28) speeches are made, singing (service?) very brief shot certificates being awarded (5.53) gvs gardens [unid.] and partial view over the town(6.54) gvs banks of Forth and Clyde Canal where people [Scouts?] clear woodland / scrub from the side of the canal (7.02) canal boat sheds and a boat in water - people working on boat (7.25) c/u sign 'Falkirk District Council M.S.C. Bonnybridge' shot of people digging ground at side of canal (7.35) shot looking down roadwith slow pan to reveal grassland and housing beyond (7.52) exts domestic house decorated with bunting and a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs theme (tissue flowers, cut outs of cartoon characters) (8.08) sign outside house 'Gala Day' (8.12) children line streets on Gala Day waving flags (8.27) Gala Queen crowning ceremony (9.25) majorettes display, outdoors (9.29) shot of two highly decorated floats (9.41) a young 'lady in waiting' exits house and walks down the path. She wears a candy pink dress and pink flowers (9.54) gvs Gala Queen procession with ladies and page boys joining the procession along theb red carpet (10.12) ceremonial procedures and speeches for the Gala Queen [This all happens on the Falkirk District Council's Mobile Theatre] gvs crowds (11.03) people boarding a Midland Scottish open topped bus (11.20) gvs crowds milling about, including quite a few mothers and babies (11.30) colourful shot of a big wheel, children enjoying the ride (11.47) The End (11.52)