CONTRASTING CENTURIES: Cinematic Study of Berwick's Architecture

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Title: CONTRASTING CENTURIES: Cinematic Study of Berwick's Architecture

Reference number: 8251

Date: 1989

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 14.32 mins

Description: An amateur record of architecture in and around Berwick, with a little insight into the history of the Border town along the way.

Handwritten notes on original can:- 'JJ Films 16mm. Contrasting Centuries. Berwick on Tweed 1989"

This title screened at the Berwick on Tweed Film & Media Arts Festival: Crossing Borders, on Tuesday 20th September 2005.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

title (0.05) gvs bridges at Berwick (0.24) view over Berwick main street, busy traffic, town hall (0.32) CONTRASTING CENTURIES Cinematic Study of Berwick's Architecture. Battles, Trade, Treaty. City State. Holiday Centre (0.40) [oof] page of book headed 'Fortifications' (0.50) slow pan looking out to sea (1.01) still image of paintings, battle ships at sea (1.23) Kings Mount [sign] then view of hill (1.31) old castle walls (1.37) very brief shot of harbour wall, city walls, gvs boats in harbour (1.55) gvs houses and rooftops and walls of Berwick (2.19) exts railway station. c/u plaque 'This station was built on the site of the great hall of Berwick Castle. Here on the 17th November 1292 the claim of Robert Bruce to the crown of Scotland was declined and the decision in favour of John Baliol was given by Edward I before the full parliament of England and a large gathering of the nobility and populace of both England and Scotland." (2.39) gvs trains, station (2.42) exts Castle Hotel (2.46) exts houses, castle remains (3.02) gvs remains of castle ramparts etc grassed over (3.24) gvs car park, shops all with reference to backdrop of castle remains (3.54) c/u plaque "Berwick Fortifications. The Elizabethan ramparts were built 1558 - 1570 replacing the mediaeval wall on the north and east sides of the town. This monument is in the care of the Department of the Environment. It is an offence to damage it" gvs same, exts houses and windows (4.06) bridge over Tweed views of town exts buildings some with Greek influences (5.32) exts town hall (?) 'Henry Hodgson Esq. Mayor 1760' written on edge of building (5.56) exts 'Boys National School' (6.09) gvs streets (6.18) [animated few frames] books and some 'dancing' pottery (6.19) harbour and sea scenes some housing nearby including 'Custom House' gvs streets and exts buildings (6.56) gvs harbour, bridge, cargoes being loaded with cranes into lorries from ships at harbour - sand being loaded (7.46) gvs leafy suburban housing, Berwick (8.32) girder bridge over the Tweed leaving Berwick, gvs fields and agriculture (9.11) gvs open air farmer's market on Berwick main street (9.48) hand-drawn map depicting trade routes / import and export routes historically 'Coastal Trade 16 - 19th Centuries' (10.00) gvs around Berwick, c/u architectural features ornamental stonework, shop exts, streets, 'Easter Wynd' new housing development of flats, gvs streets and housing exts (10.50) harbour, railway station, goods such as load of coal on train, fortifications, fields, beach, caravan, boat (11.54) [very dark] gvs Berwick at night-time (12.51) Research, camera work, production, editing, graphics by John Jackson JJ Films in 16mm. The End (12.57)