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Reference number: 8289

Date: 1997

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 15.58 mins

Description: An amateur cine notebook in and around Berwick. Includes footage of the 'Berwick Classic' motorsport club event, the May Fair, the Kings Own Scottish Borderers, as well as plenty of footage of the town itself.

Handwritten information on original can:- "Berwick Cine Notebook JJ Films 1997. Approach from sea. Beachcombing history. City on from sea. Beachscape breakers. Townscape. Swans. Pilot Boat. Huddle of building. New use by old wall. Riverside. Steep woods. Bridges. Houses at viaduct. Attractive open space. Care. Holiday site. Breakers. Children play. Guildhall / Maltings contrast. Architectural oddities. Flags - Harmony. Bridge St. mixed building styles. Lamp bracket. Shop window. Dome barracks. Heritage WWII emplacements. Parish church. Rampart walks. Golf. Wallace Green gothic pile. Border connections art exhibition. Open air stalls. High St. Hide Hill. Kings Arms (C18 and C19 house features) Berwick classic car rally. Assembly of vehicles. Marysgate. Entrants at very wet Somervilles car park. May fair. Street / motorcycle display. Marygate sequences. Street shots. Swimming pool. for energetic DIY fitness required! Des res - scope for improvement? -Archivtecture (serious) river. Family. Everyday. Fishing. Children at river. Good lifestyle. Old & new blend. Bowling club. People. Houses. KOSB band. Sequences for leading to end. Impressions left. Credits. Lead to end. 400' Col Sil. Began filming 20/3/97. Ended 9th June 1997. Shooting on 11 separate days. Titles and graphics 3 days in addition. Editing 7 separate days. Final compilation to 400' spool 1 day."

This title screened at the Berwick on Tweed Film & Media Arts Festival: Crossing Borders, on Tuesday 20th September 2005.

Credits: JJ Films Production

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

title (0.32) view of coastline and sea. Berwick and its three bridges. Views of breakers looking out to sea. More gvs town [very fast cuts] (1.49) Pilot boat setting out to sea (2.06) swans (2.25) pilot boat returning to Berwick harbour. gvs town (2.41) various exts buildings in the town (2.58) gvs buildings near railway viaduct (3.18) houses and man mowing lawn, green space and flowers (3.23) caravan site and children playing on swings, view of beach and sheltered bay, shot of breaking waves in sea (3.55) c/u architectural details on roofs, buildings, Guildhall (town hall?) etc (4.10) flags outside building in Berwick. shop windows. dome on top of building (4.33) Heritage WWII emplacements (?) walls (5.07) Border Connections ints art exhibition, people looking at paintings and craftwork (6.04) gvs streets and Berwick town centre, open air market stalls, one selling linen and cushions (6.51) exts Baker's Oven shop and various others exts buildings on High Street, c/u architectural details of stonework for example (7.13) fruit and vegetable stall (7.15) exts Kings Arms Hotel (7.26) shot of garden (7.32) exts buildings architectural details (7.44) exts church (7.54) people playing golf, sea in background (8.02) c/u church steeple (8.18) Borders Motorsport Group Competitors Club BERWICK CLASSIC gvs assembly of different cars in the rain (9.01) cars move off along street (9.30) cars in car park, getting notes signed off, very wet. Includes police car at the end of the sequence (10.00) MAY FAIR sunny day. May fair. Street / motorcycle display, sunny weather (11.25) MAY FAIR gv street stalls, fairground swings for the children, bouncy castle, fairground rides flying cars, people dressed in historical costume (12.13) elevated shot over the main street to the town hall of the fair, crowded (12.24) ints swimming pool, three children play ball (12.57) exts derelict building, windows boarded up, trees growing out of building (13.21) men fishing in river, dog swimming, gsv houses overlooking riverbank (14.12) men sitting outside bowling club (14.22) exts housing (14.32) Kings Own Scottish Borderers pipes and drums standing on steps to town hall Berwick (15.43) Berwick railway viaduct (15.48) gvs scenics around Berwick and water at dusk (16.28) Thanks to various people for help in making this film especially Linda and Stuart Bankier ?. Cinematography in 16mm by JJ Films Production Camera Work Editing Exhibition. Thanks to you the audience for sharing in this film showing. The End (15.58)