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Reference number: 8241

Date: 1970sc

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sponsor: Marshall-Orr

Production company: JJ Films

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 17.20 mins

Description: The work of Marshall Orr Precision Sheet Metal Engineers, Cumbernauld.

Typewritten transcript enclosed [possibly the commentary presented at a screening?] Handwritten information on original cans reads:- Guid Geer Sma' Buik. 16mm Col Sil. K25 PK40: D/P 16/18 Frs."

Credits: graphics Alan Marshall, Margaret Todd
lights ass. Wilson Marshall
location extras Jill Marshall, Anne Marshall

The co-operation of management and staff of Marshall-Orr in producing this film is appreciated

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

title and opening credit (0.24) gvs new town of Cumbernauld, exts shopping centre, bus station, housing, train station (2.11) exts Marshall-Orr factory (2.18) ints factory where metal objects are fabricated [note one of the employees is smoking throughout], gvs metal products, men at work (3.37) gvs welding (3.43) man operates machine (sheet metal cutting) (4.07) men discuss plans, further cutting shots (4.18) man operating a computer controlled turret punching press, holes are precision cut out of sheet metal (4.48) gvs various finished products in coloured metal (4.58) shots of metal with patterns of holes cut out, and the accompanying paper 'punch tape' that instructs computer to cut in a particular way, gvs man operating machine (5.50) precision engineering, manual processes of welding, cutting and punching, and fitting finished item (eg. box) together (6.59) a man smoothes metal corner, sparks fly. Measuring and fitting the final product (7.34) gvs landscape and fields at Greengairs, Joseph Marshall and Robert Orr meet to discuss plans for their business (8.42) ints office man at drawing desk, followed by man punching in the computer print and tape instructions (9.21) welding and precision fashioning of metal (9.44) man notes precise measurements (10.01) gvs shop floor (10.18) brief shot man on telephone. gvs paint booth, man spraying metal white, dipping metal objects in coloured paints and finishes and hanging to dry, lowering into infra-red oven for stoving and finishing (12.00) women wrapping objects in the packing department, gvs completed orders ready to go (12.25) forklift moves packaged goods into lorry in yard (13.08) ints office where woman operates computer (13.16) exts Burroughs factory (one of Marshall-Orr's customers) (13.21) gvs lorries 'Balmore Bakery', shots of burglar alarm on exts buildings (Maxim Alarm Castings is another Marshall-Orr product) (13.49) Terex earth moving machines which incorporate Marshall-Orr parts (14.52) 'Blackwood Hodge Service Department' van (14.57) c/u graph showing rise in production for the company year on year (15.26) gvs motorway (15.39) c/u map showing location of Marshall-Orr factory in relation to Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Euroports and English Motorway System (15.47) lorry on motorway (16.01) computer printing (16.09) graph of figures, as previous and further gvs motorway (16.36) c/u promotional picture 'Marshall-Orr Ltd. Precision Sheet Metal Engineers. Blairlinn Industrial Estate, Cumbernauld, Scotland' (16.47) ecs (17.20)