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Title: MONO

Reference number: 7614

Date: 2006

Director: d. Richard Smith

Sponsor: UK Film Council, Scottish Screen

Producer: Abigail Howkins

Production company: GMAC / DigiCult

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 10.00 mins

Description: When Emily's quiet life is disrupted by a noisy musician moving in next door, the outcome is far from muted. After a terrible aural misunderstanding, the silence is deafening, and it's up to Emily to break the divide. [synopsis from Scottish Screen brochure "New Films, New Talent, Best of Scottish Shorts 2006]

See official Mono website at [last accessed 23/4/2010]

Watch complete film on the BBC Film Network website at [last accessed 23/4/2010]

DigiCult: A low-budget digital film project that creates a talent pool of twenty directors, writers, producers and crafts-people. The aim is to encourage experimentation and innovation within the digital medium. Five short films are made per year with budgets of up to £5,000.

Credits: UK Film Council and GMAC presents a Digicult Project in association with Scottish Screen

w. Richard Smith
In memory of Rod Hall

Emily Samantha Young
Jay Ainslie Henderson
Linda Shakti Edwards
Gary Gerry Lynch
Neighbour James Bolenbaugh
Noisy Boys Greg Chapman, William Dodds, James Rhattigan
Party couple Rosemary James, Mattieu Sagnet

d. ph. Oliver Cheesman
p. designer Stephen Mason
sd. rec. Peter Brill
first ass. d. Amanda Black
costume designer Sophie Toulouze
make-up designer Wendy Kemp Forbes
lighting gaffer Scott Napier
sc. supervisor Claire McKay
locations man. Katrina Dee Inkster
p. man. Fiona Clark
focus puller James Harrison
camera ass. / grip Adam Campbell
boom operator Thayna McLaughlin
lighting technician Damian Leitch
art d. Kara Ramsay
standby art d. Amanda Currie
props master Mark Davitt
p. co-ordinator Shirley Tulloch
3rd ass. d. Victoria Campbell, James Bolenbaugh
film ed. Gordon Lockhart
sd. designer Douglas MacDougall
online ed. Jim Allison
dubbing mixer Kahl Henderson
casting Victoria Beattie Casting
stills ph. Jamie Simpson
camera equipment Hammerhead TV
lighting equipment Lee Lighting
[assoc. p. Douglas Dougan
p. ass. Anna Purkis
floor runner Jacqueline Thornton]

Excerpt from "The Immeasurable Joy of Healthy Living" courtesy of The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. "Vagrant Song" written by Pete Dean and performed by The Last September. "When We Only Have Time Left" written by Richard Smith. "Etude 2" written by Pete Dean and performed by The Last September. "Backpack Song" written by Pete Dean and performed by The Last September. "When We Only Have Time Left (funky re-mix)"

GMAC p. Karen O'Hare
GMAC ass. p. Ciara Barry
GMAC technical support William Summers
director of GMAC Dale Corlett
short film exec. for Scottish Screen Julian Caithness
project co-ordinator for Film Council Paul Hewlett

Based on an idea by Eleni Tzompanaki. With thanks to Autonomi Ltd., Brian McCormick at Hammerhead TV Glasgow, Chemikal Underground, Mac Hairdressing, Margo Crawford and all the staff at the Fraser Suites Glasgow, Mojo Magazine, Rent-a-Crowd, The 1990s, Greg Barclay, Max Berman, Adam Campbell, Michael Campbell, Ursula Cleary, Laura Donnelly, Bert Eeles, Maryam Hunwick, Barry Laird, Tim Linney, Francis Lopez, Charlotte Mann, Lynn McAdam, Gillian McDivitt, Adam McIlwaine, Jak Milroy

exec. p. Caroline Cooper Charles, Paul Welsh

Made with the support of the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund and supported by The National Lottery through Scottish Screen.