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Reference number: 7485

Date: 1981 / 1984

Director: [filmed by James Muir, Dr. MaGregor]

Sound: sound

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 79.55 mins

Description: Footage of family and working life and community events through the seasons on the island of Shapinsay.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from DV - manual control track]

[Reel 1]
title - gvs of small passenger ferry 'Clytus' approaching pier, vehicles parked on pier, ferry tying up, woman emerges from cabin (1.27) gvs of tractor ploughing field and shots from cab, dog in field with gun emplacement in background - JCB and tractor-trailer working in silage pit (2.24) woman and young children in field searching for birds' eggs - gvs of farmer ploughing field, man and boy sitting on tail of tractor planting seed potatoes through tube (3.28) gvs of man and woman working in large cottage garden, daffodils growing - shot of sheep and young lambs in field - pan across bay with stony beach - shots of family group out walking by fir trees - children playing with lamb (5.00) gvs of parents and children in gardens of new houses - gvs of vessel 'North Sound' tying up at pier - gvs of Balfour village from pier - gvs of crane on North Sound unloading sand on to tractors at pier-side - shot of woman in headscarf driving tractor away (6.12) shot of farmer driving Massey Ferguson combine harvester out of farmyard - high shot of Elwick Bay and Balfour village - gvs queue of tractors and livestock trailers at pier - shot of cattle being herded from pens on to ship at pier - gvs of tractor and combine harvester being winched on board ship (8.41) shot of passengers on board ferry 'Clytus' - shots of cargo ship 'Islander' leaving pier (9.07) shot of council workmen repairing potholes in road - shots of family in cottage garden (9.57) under-exposed gvs of bay, men with buckets on sand - man wading through shallows, c/u shots of him pulling razor clam from sand, putting it in bucket - gvs of other men wading in shallows and collecting razor clams or 'spoots' - beach scenes with dog and family (11.59) shot of men dressed in women's fancy dress in clubhouse - gvs of school playing field, team of children playing football against the team of men in women's fancy dress - onlookers watching and laughing - teams get orange slices at half-time - shots of onlookers taking photographs (13.15) shot of house and garden, men digging turf from garden - shots inside hall, women singing - shots of people in local shop - c/u shot of church notice for induction service and more shots inside shop - brief shot inside church (15.02) gvs of ferry 'Hoy Head' approaching pier - gvs passengers disembarking from side of boat and down gangway - shots of passengers milling about at pier and some driving away (16.19) ext shot of church and int shots of congregation sitting and entering - shots of minister and congregation leaving church at end of service, minister shaking hands with congregation (17.50) int shots of Kirk Session meeting to introduce new minister, man making speech, presentation of gifts, minister makes speech - gvs of guests at top table having tea, and attendees at meeting having refreshments - men and women singing, and woman singing solo - audience applauds and another choir sings - shots of top table and young man playing accordion - shots of woman playing piano and man singing, minister speaking and audience leaving meeting [white spacer] (23.19) children playing in garden and girl getting into Dormobile van by roadside - gvs of community sports, including sack races, high jump - families watching - three-legged race, sprint, javelin - crowds watching at side - men throwing the hammer, women's sprint, long jump, shot putt, high jump - shots of adjudicators marking scores - end of men's long distance run, children's high jump - shots of crowds taking refreshments, followed by presentation of prizes (29.51) shots of men's and women's pillow-fight competition and crowds watching - pan across field and crowds leaving [white spacer] (30.52) awards ceremony in hall - prizes presented by minister (31.51) bridesmaid arrives at church for wedding - bride and father arrive and enter church - onlookers at church gate and guests arriving - bride and groom come out of church together after ceremony - groups pose for photographs on steps of church (33.15) group of wedding guests get out of minibus - shots of bride and groom leading march into hall (34.18) shot of woman filling petrol can from hand-cranked pump - shot of men and women making haystack - gvs of people at pier and passengers boarding small boat 'Jenny Lee' - gvs of agricultural show, children with horse and foal, farmers showing bulls, judges taking notes - shot of woman grooming sheep - shots of farmers trying to restrain energetic bull (36.37) pan across bay to pier - gvs of ferry approaching pier, l/s passengers disembarking (37.50) shots of agricultural show, farmers leading cattle around ring - pan across showground - shots of farmers grooming cattle (39.54) shots of onlookers and sheep in pens - brief shot of cow and onlookers (40.22) 606ft

[Reel 2]
shots of agricultural show, farmers leading cattle around ring, judges awarding prizes (1.48) ponies and racing carts going round showground - farmers with cattle and pan across onlookers (3.03) gvs of cargo ship 'Islander' at pier, winching Claas combine harvester on to pier (3.53) gvs new harvester at work in fields - shot of farmers at shed - gvs farmyard, men rolling drum on to trailer - gvs of helicopter crew in field, then getting into Bristow Jetranger helicopter - helicopter takes off as dog runs around barking - shot of sheep nibbling hedge - pans across farmland (6.42) shots of tractor pulling harvesting machine, pans across farmland - tracking shot from on tractor (7.48) int gvs of awards ceremony in hall, for agricultural show?, woman presenting silver trophies (9.36) shot of old man at door of house - int shots of two old farmers reminiscing in kitchen (11.11) int shots in hall of jumble sale / sale of work, shots of stalls and crowd - gvs of minister making speech from stage - gvs of crowd in hall (13.40) gvs of two trawlers in bay in stormy weather, one run aground, the other trying to pull it free from rocks - trawler eventually pulled free - l/s of trawlers and lifeboat? and shots of all three vessels from shore (16.12) shots of group of men in farmyard preparing sections of roofing for shed roof - gvs farmyard - roofing section being cut - gvs farmers grooming cattle inside barn - gvs farmers in shed exhibiting cattle - int gvs in auction ring, prizes being presented to farmers - shots of cattle auction in progress, farmers leading cattle around ring (21.21) winter scenes, sheep in snow-covered field, pan across snowy landscape - shots of JCB snowplough clearing main road as children look on - shots of family sledging on road - Suzuki jeep passes along road (23.18) gvs of children playing at nursery school / playgroup, Santa Claus appears and gives out presents - shots of children's Christmas party in hall, playing 'The Grand Old Duke of York', sitting having refreshments - shot of stage with decorations - children choosing home baking, helpers and parents having a cup of tea, women wearing newspaper party hats - shots of children seated playing singing games (27.21) Santa Claus appears in hall and hands out toys, sweets and apples to children (29.59) gvs around pier in snowy weather, shots of fishing boat OB401 'Wild Rose' sitting on trailer - two men carry wooden board out of boat-shed - pans around interior of boat-shed, showing tools and machinery, lathe - ext gvs of men working on boat, fixing new canopy on cabin? (31.09) man clearing snow from road outside farm - underexposed shot of sunset - men working in farmyard with pump on trailer - shots of fishing boats in bay and at pier, including 'Wild Rose' - shots of various men helping to fix new steel mast to 'Wild Rose', then underexposed shots of them sailing around the bay - 'Wild Rose' returns to pier next to MV Clytus (34.30) underexposed shots of farmyard and new house? - gvs of man at workbench carving small wooden figure - gvs of man showing apprentice how to carve wooden panel - shots of finished wooden figures and drawing for Madonna and child on wall of workshop - pan across workshop with apprentice working, shots of carved walking stick heads and religious figurine (36.09) int gvs of older people chatting in living room (37.30) shots of family group at Christening in church, shots of congregation - int shots of party after Christening in elegant room, Balfour Castle?, with guests drinking champagne (38.21) gvs of road at farm, tractors and trailers passing - gvs of pier and bay, ferries maneuvering at pier - The End (39.33) 593 ft