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  • Edinburgh


  • Arts and crafts


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 7215

Date: 1962c

Director: [filmed by W.S. Dobson (Primus)]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 13.48 mins

Description: Dramatised versions of five poems from Robert Louis Stevenson's 'A Child's Garden of Verses' using young children as actors. Includes 'The Swing', 'My Shadow', 'Pirate Story', 'Marching Song' and 'My Ship and I'. Starts with a dramatised section about RLS and his nurse Alison Cunningham.

Amateur Cine World award winner 1963.

This film shot in and around Colinton. 'Marching Song' filmed in Spylaw Street and at entrance to parish church.

Shotlist: Amateur Cine World award winner 1963 [title] by Robert Louis Stevenson (0.19) shots of actor as Robert Louis Stevenson writing at desk (1.01) shots of RLS as young boy ill in bed, being comforted by nurse (1.48) shots of nurse as older woman, reading 'Child's Garden of Verses' (1.58) more shots of young RLS, nurse and older nurse (2.16) The Swing - shots of young girl playing on swing in garden, with subjective shots, some in slow motion (3.56) My Shadow - various shots of young girl in pyjamas making shadows on bedroom wall and carpet (5.20) prays and gets into bed (5.48) exts, girl walking up woodland path in daytime (6.04) c/u buttercups (6.12) shot of 'shadow' still at home in bed (6.19) Pirate Story - ext shots of young children playing at pirates in wicker basket boat (7.37) c/u girl looking through cardboard telescope (7.40) shots of cows in field (7.59) children get out of basket and run away (8.07) more cattle shots (8.16) children escape through gate (8.33) shot of abandoned basket and pirate swords (8.49) My Ship and I - shots of young boy playing with toy sailing boat on river (9.35) shot of similar full-sized boat (9.45) more shots of young boy (9.49) subjective shot from boat (9.52) cut from c/u of model to shots of two boys sitting on full-sized boat (10.28) shots of boys sailing down river (11.03) firing cannon from bow of boat (11.16) more shots of young boy playing with model boat (11.45) Marching Song - shots of children playing at soldiers in garden, with drum, swords, flags (12.51) marching along street past group of onlookers (13.05) past graveyard and along path (13.36) youngest child stops to hitch up shorts which have been falling down (13.42) The End (13.48) (music continues to 13.55)