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Reference number: 2210

Date: 1960

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and The Distillers Agency Ltd.

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.00 mins

Description: A reconstruction of George IV's visit to Edinburgh in 1822 drawing a contrast between the old town and the New Town which the King was able to see in development.

An alternative version was commissioned by the Distillers Agency for showing under their own auspices, featuring their bonded warehouse at South Queensferry and shots of bottles of their blend of whisky. Shown at the Festival of the 150th Anniversary of the May Revolution, Buenos Aires, 1960.

Credits: ph. Russell Walker
commentary Moultrie R. Kelsall
m.d. & arranged by Eric Roberts
The producers gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the most Hon. The Marquis of Linlithgow MC; The Queen's Bodyguard for Scotland, Royal Company of Archers; the Edinburgh Room of the Public Library; the Scottish National Portrait Gallery; Leith Council Chamber.

Shotlist: Credits (0.17) illustrations of 18th century Edinburgh (1.42) shot of sunrise (1.48) various shots of Edinburgh's Folly and Nelson monument at Calton Hill (2.27) illustrations of George IV's royal squadron of ships entering Leith Harbour (3.01) shot of plaque commemorating the place where George IV first set foot in Scotland at Leith (3.12) illust. of George IV and street scenes in Edinburgh at the time of his visit (4.33) medium shot of Holyrood Palace (4.39) illust. of George IV's visit (5.05) comemorative silver medallion of George IV lying on tartan cloth (5.15) shots of a carriage and horses (5.25) tracking shot of Holyrood Palace from outside its gates (5.40) tracking shot ext. old Royal High School (5.50) gvs of Regent Bridge (5.58) tracking shot ext. Register House (6.09) map of 1820's Edinburgh (6.26) tilt shot of St. George's church in Charlotte Square (6.34) gvs of same (6.42) gvs of other buildings in CharlotteSquare, with c/u of some architectural features (7.02) 1820's map of Edinburgh (7.08) horse-drawn open carriage arrives in Moray Place, gvs of Moray Place. gvs Charlotte Square (8.18) c/u ext. Sir Walter Scott's old house in Castle Street (8.32) tilting shot of St. Andrew's church (8.41) map of 1820's Edinburgh (8.46) gvs St. Andrew's Square. c/u of some architectural details (9.22) general shots of George IV's statue (9.43) 1820's satirical cartoon (10.00) general shots of grand ball in George Street Assembly Rooms with people dancing traditional Scottish dances (11.10) gvs ext. Hopetoun House (11.48) illust. of George IV's visit to Hopetoun House (12.12) portrait of the fourth Earl of Hopetoun (12.18) c/u of emblems of the Royal Company of Archers (12.27) ext. shots of the Royal Company of Archers during archery competition (13.20) horse-drawn open carriage passing through gates of Hopetoun House (13.23) pan shot of Firth of Forth coastline (13.34) illust. of George IV's ship finally departing (13.52) portrait of George IV (13.59) ecs (14.31)