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Reference number: 6900

Date: 1978c

Director: [filmed by Enrico Cocozza]

Sound: sound

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.26minsc

Description: Scenes around West Cross, Wishaw. Enrico Cocozza interviews local people as they go about their daily business and captures the various goings on of the street his flat overlooks.

Shotlist: No title. Man talks to camera in backyard. (0.25) men wash their car in front of painted yellow wooden garage. (0.47) washing line in background with linen billowing. Boys walk out of garage and are met by a man (manager?) who taps his watch to say 'you're late!'. (1.05) Car/van is safely stored away in garage. (1.28) Man operates hand cranked petrol pump, before sign "Extinguish Naked Lights". (2.23) gvs pedestrians at West Cross, Wishaw (view from Enrico Cocozza's window) some walk dogs. postman crosses the road, looks up and waves; walks up Cocozza's outside stairs and hands over letter. refuse collector pushes cart along street. (3.29) exts The West End Bar where Mr Dillon talks to camera standing in front of door. (3.58) exts Royal Bank on junction; ints Bank manager's office, the manager invites the camera in and has a chat to camera; brief shot bank workers. (7.35) ints cafe - probably Cocozza's family owned cafe. Jars of sweets and boxes upon boxes of cigarettes in background. Women in aprons stand behind glass counter. (8.53) boy [Mr Rennie] talking to camera about his job as a joiner. (9.57) young boy on Shetland Pony on street (Cocozza overlooking street). (10.11) view over street at Wishaw, including Pak Yee Chinese Restaurant. (10.36) boy (joiner) walks up to shop; ints shop (toys? ironmonger?) where boy buys a spade; lady at counter asks him "are you Jack Rennie's son?" (11.34) scenes by dusk and the streetlamps, buildings silhouetted against sky. (12.27) early morning gvs over street from Cocozza's flat. Newspaper boy carrying fluorescent orange sack. (13.38) Young man brings in plumbing gear through Cocozza's entrance door to stairs. [A dustbin bears the mark "Cocozza 395"] He chats to camera, Cocozza promises to let him see his piece up on screen next week (14.51) ints toy shop, women look at children's story books, pick out dolls for reordering. (15.59) [quick trims type material] various shots head and shoulders of different people. incl. journalist, Cocozza himself etc. (17.01) window cleaner on windows of Route 6 Auto Centre. (17.20) brief ints bakery (or possibly butcher?). (17.25) Very brief shot boy in red tartan tammy. (17.30) various gvs overlooking West Cross. (18.25) trims: interviews with boys; brief ints laundrette with rows of washing machines visible. (19.51) interview old lady and exts door to her house, shot of her dog (19.26)