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  • Lanarkshire


  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Science and technology


  • Amateur
  • Industrial


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 4513

Date: 1976*

Director: filmed by Mr Tom Urie

Sound: sound

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 7.00 mins

Description: General views of the last open hearth furnaces and casting in Scotland at Ravenscraig and the last cast at Glengarnock works, both formerly of Colvilles Ltd. but by closure part of British Steel.

Film shot inside plant without specific knowledge of the directors by Tom Urie, a senior member of the works' management team, during the last week of the plant’s operations ca 1977 - 78. See film maker’s notes on the action in the film and the processes that went wrong at Additional Information 11/1/364 and refs 4514, 1036.

Shotlist: Interior Ravenscraig open hearth works. Men stoking the furnaces. C/u of the furnace fire. Steel being loaded into the furnace. Giant flames leaping out of the furnace. Man taking out a piece of hot metal. C/u of man inspecting fire. Group posed for photograph, previous melting shop managers and retired workers gathered for the occasion. Old retired worker invited to open tap hole for the last time. Fire and hot metal slowly draining down a pipe. [Liquid metal flowing too slowly for too long - problems occur throughout the entire procedure due to this] Men pulling a metal rod out of a furnace. Liquid metal sparking as it flows through the works. Works floor is covered in a lava of liquid metal. Pouring the liquid metal into casts - flow is slow and sparking. Man attempts to clear problem with a wooden instrument. C/u of liquid metal flow into casts. Hot sparks showering the works as the equipment moves along the casts. Gv's of this process. Hot metal running down a shaft (?). L/s of the smoke and fire, sparks flying over the top of the equipment. C/u of hot metal flowing along the shaft. L/s of metal being poured into the casts. C/u of the metal flow. C/u of the metal like lava on the floor. Gv's of the metal going into the casts. Man taking a sample of the metal. (7 mins) [Glengarnock sequence starts approx 5 mins into film]