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Reference number: 6430

Date: 1974*

Director: filmed by Ron McLaren

Sound: sound

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 14.00 minsc

Description: Amateur film about a young man who joins the Edinburgh Cine Society to improve his film-making skills, which he achieves with prizewinning success.

Credits: Edinburgh Cine Society Basic Group 1974-1975 presents.
starring Alex Madden, Bill MacLeod, Joan Scott, Henry Scott-Irvine, David MacLean, Sandy Sievwright, Frank Walker, Mary Walker, Jacqueline Auld, Jim Brown, Norma Drummond, Marion McLaren, Pepi - himself
lighting Charlie Auld
general assistance Reg Lacon, Alan Scott
cam. Brian Cairney
continuity Margaret McLaren
ed. Les Knott
p. Jack Grant
'Camera shop' additional display material given by Leith Cine-Photo Centre

Shotlist: Title, credits. (0.26) Zoom in on Princes Street from Calton Hill, Edinburgh. Ext. street, young man enters Edinburgh camera shop and collects parcel. (1.15) At home, young man testing out camera on mother. (1.44) Man filming beside busy road at dusk. (2.30) Post van stops, postman delivers film envelope through letterbox. (2.48) Man shows film to family - very poor and wobbly montage of traffic - intercut with bored audience and dog 'escaping'. (4.31) Man walking along street; takes camera back to shop for repair, shopkeeper give young man ECS brochure. (5.39) c/u ECS sign; he attends basic techniques group meeting taken by Les Knott. Gvs demonstration techniques splicing, lenses, lacing up, projection etc. (9.07) ECS tea break skit (9.43) newcomers making a short film; young man projecting film; c/u applauding hands (11.04) Young man receiving several awards at ceremony. Audience applause, mother smiling. (11.58) Trophies in young mans house, c/u boiled egg in small silver cup. (12.52) Young man speaking at Basic Cine Group meeting. Ecs. The End. (13.53)