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Reference number: 8240

Date: 1970s

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 13.07 mins

Description: Amateur cine film featuring days out around the east coast and borders of Scotland in the 1970s. Includes footage of a canal trip on the 'Queen of the Borders', a day at Edinburgh Zoo, train rides and summer days out on the Fife coast at Kinghorn and Burntisland, and finishing up around Edinburgh.

Handwritten information on original cans reads:- "JJ Films Days On and Off. Re-edit 1982 (roundabout); Holiday Mood; Bass Rock 1970s; Opening of Canal Basin Linlithgow; Edinburgh Zoo 1970s; Kinghorn 1970s; Edinburgh City of Festival; Airport 1970s; Bonfire and Fireworks; Silver Jubilee Bibridge 1977; Funfair; End. S-311400' Col Sil."

Shotlist: [shotlisted from timecoded VHS, burnt in timecode]

title (0.04) summer scenes by the canal with children playing in water, fishing with nets and people having a picnic (0.11) mother and small boy walk beside ruined abbey [unid. possibly Melrose?] (0.24) gvs town [unid.] and municipal flower displays (0.48) canalside and Clydesdale horse (1.00) passengers boarding the 'Queen of the Borders' canal boat. Clydesdale horse pulls it along . Shot of another motorised boat on canal, and some canoes (2.45) leaving the harbour on a boat rip to the Bass Rock. Gvs scenery, including birdlife (3.43) [1970s] gvs visit to Edinburgh Zoo 'Scottish Zoological Park', including visits to the seals, lions, pink flamingoes, sealions and footage of feeding time at the pool (5.36) very brief shot children boarding coach home (5.40) tracking shot Grangemouth (5.46) beach and harbour scenes, Kinghorn, train (5.57) Girls playing on outdoor trampolines (6.11) gvs beach, children playing in water, families and friends posing for photographs, enjoying their day out in the sun (7.08) gvs funfair [Burntisland]. Ride 'George Irvin' painted on side. Boy with goldfish in bag. Fairground rides (7.37) c/u stone "These Links were granted to the Burgh by Royal Charter of James V, June 1541." (7.39) slow pan over large town [unid possibly Berwick?] (8.10) Princes Street, Edinburgh and a parade of pipes and drums (8.49) [very dark] Princess Street (?) and The Mound by night, various shop windows and fountains (10.02) [1970s] gvs airport planes on runway including British Airways and British Caledonian plane (10.48) shot of plane displayed outside [East Fortune?] (10.57) gvs huge bonfire and fireworks (12.33) shot of fairground ride (12.44) Round About JJ Films 16mm (12.48) fairground ride (12.56) Round About JJ Films 16mm (13.03) [underexposed] (13.07)