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Reference number: 6101

Date: 1952 / 1956 / 1958 / 1959

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.00 mins

Description: Intertitles and still photos describing the progression of Baxter's bus services and fleet followed by general views of Glasgow trams and Baxter's buses in service throughout the Lanarkshire and Glasgow area.

Cataloguer's comment: Some fabulous shots of Airdrie-Parkhead and Coatbridge trams passing along the street on a sunny winter's morning (or evening?). In one instance, passengers wave from tram to the camera below. This film, although shot to portray the Baxter's fleet, inadvertently recorded some interesting street scenes from the Coatbridge/Glasgow area. By today's standards, it is remarkable how little traffic we see on the roads throughout this film.

Shotlist: [b/w, pos, commag stripe] The firm of Baxter's Bus Services Ltd was founded in 1914 by Mr and Mrs James Baxter and known as James Baxter motor hirer and removal contractor, Coatbridge. (0.26) The first vehicle to be purchased was a second hand ARROL JOHNSTON, of no uncertain age and was replaced in 1916 by the CLYDE, known as "BAXTER'S BLUE BIRD". Solid tyres, oil side lamps and acetylene hand lamps. (0.55) photograph of the same (0.57) superimposed intertitles The driver is Mr. James Baxter who proudly stands beside his machine at Smyllum Orphanage, Lanark. (1.09) photograph (1.43) First Leyland with lorry, removal van, char-a-banc bodies was purchased after the First World War in 1919 when Willie Baxter returned from the Air Force. Registration V.7055. Fitted with Solid tyres, and the same type of lighting. (2.09) photograph of van with 'James Baxter' on the side (2.26) photograph of flat-bedded truck with large pipe on it (2.48) photograph of flat-bedded truck with large container, 'Wilson Glasgow' (3.09) photographs of two more flat-bedded trucks (3.59) About 1920 BAXTER'S PULLMAN CAR was to be seen on the road. Another Leyland with solid tyres, and the same type of lighting, The window frames, could be removed for summer touring. (4.29) photograph of Pullman car carrying several people (4.55) In 1931 another CLYDE chassis was added to the small fleet but this time with a modern saloon bus. Registration No. V.A. 4928. It had pneumatic tyres, electric lighting and operated a service on the GARTNESS route. (5.23) three photographs of men standing beside buses, other buses with driver's and clippies beside them (6.35) Another Leyland was purchased in 1934 with a Luxury Coach 29 seater body. It was the last word in luxury and the pride of the fleet. Mr Robert is ready to drive off on tour (6.54) photograph of same (7.19) Some of the fleet taken in 1934. Left to right. ALBION, MORRIS, CLYDE, DENNIS, LEYLAND and LEYLAND LUXURY COACH. (7.32) photograph same (7.55) Sunday 9th May 1937 - Staff drive to BRAEMAR and BALMORAL in Leyland Coach which three years later was commandeered for War Service. (8.13) photograph same (8.42) photograph of bus with just driver and clippie (9.04) another bus (9.25) ROCHSOLLOCH SCHOOL OUTING (WET MORNING) - JUNE 1952. shots taken in garage (9.31) several Baxter's buses depart street, people waving (9.56) SHOTS TAKEN IN GARAGE JUNE 1952 (WET MORNING) (10.01) bus entering garage, gvs various buses parked outside and inside with mechanics (11.11) [col original reversal, mute] red and orange single decker bus on small road (11.32) blue single decker bus (12.08) c/u sign on single decker bus, 'Leyland Royal Tiger' (12.15) various white, green and orange Airdrie trams pass, monument in b/ground, people waving from window on one tram (12.57) gvs N.30 Coatbridge tram and light traffic (13.29) various views of No.15 Airdrie tram as it passes on street, from Parkhead, along London Road (14.04) ext. Baxter's bus depot (14.12) 4 double decker buses with letter B, parked (14.22) gvs drivers, inspectors and female clippies arriving (16.20) Coatbridge bus leave depot (16.34) two blue single decker buses leave garage, mechanic sticks his head out (17.16) mechanics with spare tyres, one walks past camera with glass bottles (17.35) Coatbridge single decker bus leaves depot followed by Kirkwood via Fountain Bank St, Woodside St and Viewfield Road. 'Typhoo Tea' advert on side (17.59) roadworks in unidentified high street, blue single decker Kirkwood bus passes by as does various other traffic, Shops in b/ground, 'Robert Sneddon' and 'Tip Top'. (18.33) blue single decker and 'Glasgow' green double decker buses pass along road, half of which has roadworks. Blue doubledecker for Townhead follows (19.02) c/u roadworks (19.08) traffic on street, woman waiting at bus stop, single decker arrives and collects her (19.32) more roadworks, policeman looks at scene as do members of public as various traffic passes (20.13) two trucks pass, one loaded with workmen (20.22) rearview double decker outside fruit shop, single decker to Kirkshaws passes. Gvs members of public as blue double decker for Kirkwood turns right (21.09) more gvs buses, double decker for Lomond Road stops at bus stop, people boards at rear (21.22) single decker for Monklands and Coatbridge pulls in and various people disembark (21.45) young boy looks at camera as double decker for Kirkshaws stops to let passengers disembark in b/ground (22.14) red and white double decker approaches along large main road, smoke pollution clearly visible in sky. Large advertising hoarding for Bovril in b/ground. Camera follows bus route in stages as it drops passengers, destination Craigneuk and Gartlea (23.24) empty bus collects woman, driver starts to changes destination board (23.30) bus departs (23.37) same bus with Kirkwood as destination, gvs as it collect passengers and passes through council housing scheme (24.22) [b&w] There will be no end to this films as time MARCHES on and the fleet and staff grow bigger each year. (24.36) [col] pan ext. of bus depot, blue Airdrie double decker pulls into depot. More gvs depot at dusk (25.12) another Airdrie double decker arrives followed by Craigneuk and Gartlea (25.20) pan buses parked in depot, cranes in b/ground (25.51) very dark (26.00) more gvs depot at dusk, cars parked (26.26) small truck arrives followed by van. Car departs, double decker bus arrives (27.10) dusk, people board double decker, destination Renfrew Street (27.23) single decker bus passing through houses, destination Townhead. More gvs buses at dusk, destination board not always clear although they include Old Monklands, Petersburn, Townhead, Kirkwood. They pass a bar called 'Circle' and underneath a railway bridge on a busy street (30.00)