CHASE, the

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  • Glasgow


  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour
  • Sporting activities


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Title: CHASE, the

Reference number: 6066

Date: 1962c

Director: [d. Guthrie Hutton]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 3.24 mins

Description: Amateur film of a group of youths chasing another young man through run-down corners of the West-end of Glasgow, background to the action. It emerges towards the end that they are rushing to a Partick Thistle football match at Firhill. Firhill is represented in the film by Cathkin Park, grounds of Lanarkshire Thirds, a football club which ceased to exist shortly after the film was made (Partick were playing away on the day of filming)

Credits: [p. & lead runner Guthrie Hutton]
[cameraman David Helme]
[ed. & one of the 'chasers' Michael Foale]
[Chasing runners - mainly office boys from the BBC]

Shotlist: Five youths in black suits run down Ashton Lane, chasing lead runner Guthrie Hutton. They pass children playing football in lane. C/u youths legs as they run. Light evidence of snow on the cobbled ground (0.22) Youths stoop through gap in bent railings between Dowanside and Ruthven Lane off Byres Road (0.35) Youths ascend steps and pedestrian bridge at Partick over River Kelvin alongside railway line (0.58) Lead runner turns into Great George Street, billiard hall in right foreground (1.04) Lead runner runs across traffic lights junction at Great Western Road/Byres Road. Chasers wait for traffic to pass. Period cars, buses and motorcycles pass in foreground (1.23) Lead runner climbs up wall and through gap in fence of old railway sleepers on canal bank. 'Swan Vestas' advert in background (1.29) chasers run through Maryhill Road tunnel (1.37) chasers run past wall (1.40) youths run along Maryhill road, past pedestrians and newspaper headline placards, 'Pope in car crash' etc (1.55) youths run along lane leading to canal bank. Youths running along canal bank, rooftops in background (2.12) splash through puddles (2.18) shot through Firhill canal as youths run past onto Firhill Road (2.22) c/u youths legs running along street then wasteland (2.50) Youths join crowd outside Firhill football ground (3.05) c/u turnstile ticket booth, money exchanging hands (3.10) c/u young fans waving black and white striped scarf (Queens Park?). Gvs crowd (3.12) c/u players legs as they emerge from tunnel intercut with c/u's crowd (3.24)