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  • Aberdeen


  • Education
  • Tourism and travel


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 4541

Date: 1963c

Director: filmed by Ralph G Giuliani

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 53.57 mins

Description: Children enjoy classes at Hazelhead Academy, Aberdeen, and a trip to Holland.

Shotlist: An R G Production. (.08) DOUBLE DUTCH.(.15) A Film By Ralph G Giuliani MA. (.22) This film could not have been made without the willing help of Mr Hay, our leader. Evert Toon, our guides and the pupils of Old Aberdeen. (.32) Boy in woodwork class marking and drilling into a piece of wood. (.58) Table with a row of baking ingredients and bowls. C/u of the girls mixing the ingredients. (1.29) Boy sawing a grove on a piece of wood. (1.37) Gv of girls rolling out their baking mixture. (1.49) Boy attaching the piece of wood to a lathe and turning it into a spindle. No safety goggles or gloves were worn. Another boy places finished wooden bowls and egg cups on the window. (2.53) Girls making baked apples, and pancakes. The finished assortment of buns, cakes, and pies are placed on a table. (3.38) Boys outside conducting some sort of scientific experiment outside. They are working with chemicals, cotton wool. (3.51) Girl weeding a flower patch (?), another is hanging out some washing. (3.55) Gv of girls practising gymnastics outside. (4.44) Class of girls sitting outside. A class of boys are drawing outside. Pupils tending to the school garden. (5.49) Two girls combing and attaching wool to a spinning wheel. (7.25) C/u of a class being taught conversion rates for weights and currency before the school trip to Amsterdam. (8.19) Gv's of the pupils in a courtyard. One boy slides down some bannisters. (8.37) Gv's of the streets in Amsterdam, pupils feeding pigeons, the traffic. (10.30) C/u of the door of Anne Frank's house. (10.34) GV of the pupils sight seeing - many of them take photographs. (11.36) Pupils going on a barge tour of the city. Gv's of the city, and tour of the harbour from the barge. C/u on the busy freight port and ships. (16.08) Some boys walking by the canal. (16.19) Ext. of Amstel Brouwerij factory. Pupils receiving a tour of the factory. C/u on the bottles moving along the conveyor belt. (16.42) Pupils touring the city, waiting for trams. (17.33) C/u of a large building site. C/u on two men working in the street, a woman beating a carpet, and little racks hanging outside windows for washing to dry. (18.17) Fruit and cheese stalls, shop windows, coal being delivered to flats via a rope attached to the top window. Street scenes. (19.32) Pupils visit a clog makers. The newly cut clogs are paired outside, the boys look at the wood cutting tools. (20.24) Hand drawn map of Holland Amsterdam is marked. A little blue toy bus moves from Amsterdam to Aalsmeer. (21.00) Gv's of the pupils visiting a fresh flower market (?). (21.46) C/u of a large barges moving along the canal, and two men fishing in it. Pupils cross the canal and wait at the train station. Gv of the train, power lines, and motorway system. (22.40) L/s of a large bridge. (22.51) Bus crash at the side of the motorway. Gv of the people being directed away from the bus, and the ambulance men stitching a head. (23.07) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy bus moves to Madurodam. (23.16) Gv's of model barges and liners moving along a miniature canal. There are also moving models of trains, a zoo, and waterway. Gv's of the pupils looking at the different sections of the outdoor display. (27.01) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves to Scheveningen. (27.05) Gv of the pier, seafront buildings, and the beach. The sea is rough. (27.46) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves to The Hague. (27.50) Gv of architecture. (28.18) Hand drawn map of Holland, red line moves to Rotterdam. (28.24) Gv's of the busy port, the ships, cranes, and barges. Gv's of the road network, and the cyclists in the town. (30.58) Hand drawn map of Holland, Amsterdam is shown, toy blue bus moves from Amsterdam to Alkmaar. (31.10) Gv's of the town. C/u on a cheese market (?) Men in white with different coloured hats carry boards stacked with different cheese in to be weighed. Gv's of canal traffic, the busy streets, c/u on a church tower with mechanical moving chime display. Gv's of street music boxes, and some shop windows. (34.54) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves to Ijselmeer. (35.00) Gv's of the man made barrier. Gv's of the pupils looking at the rough sea, and in the gift shop. Gv of the landscape, buildings and statues. (37.03) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves to Volendam. (37.11) Boy feeding the ducklings on the canal. Gv of small village streets. C/u of the fishermen mending their nets, the villagers traditionally dressed, local stalls and shop windows. C/u on a man hand milking some cows, a woman turning the hay, man using an automatic milking machine,. Milk being poured into containers. (40.43) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves across. (40.51) Gv of rural life. C/u of the birds and plants in the canal, farm yard animals, and people working in the fields. C/u of children playing by the canal, horses riding through a small village, a castle, and pottery shop (?) (43.39) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves to Barneveld. (43.47) Gv's of the pupils and masters playing in a play park. There are swings and slides. (45.35) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves across. (45.41) Gv of the rural flat landscape. (46.29) Hand drawn map of Holland, toy blue bus moves to Harderwijk. (.46.40) Gv's of windmills, barges on the canal, a small seaside town. Shop windows, play park at the beach, and a fair ground in the distance. (47.37) ...back in Amsterdam.(47.41) Gv's of the city at night, the neon signs. (48.45) .. a last look around. (48.51) Pupils in a courtyard, one girl is writing postcards. Gv's of the traffic, shop windows, and pupils sight seeing. (53.51) The End.(53.57)