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Title: PAPER MAKERS, the

Reference number: 4088

Date: 1952*

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: Tullis Russell

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd. of Edinburgh

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.19 mins

Description: The development of paper and how its success travelled throughout the world until it finally reached Britain. The versatility of paper was demonstrated as the various uses for the commodity were explored. Finally the process of paper making was explained in a step by step process.

See also ref. 2040

Credits: auth. Stuart Legg
nar. Alastair MacIntyre and Tom Flemming
camera. Gordon MacKay

Shotlist: title and credits (0.26); China Wall (0.31); Map with IMPERII SINARVM, on the top left hand corner (0.45); NOVA EGYPTI TABVLA, map of Egypt (0.52); Egyptian paintings (1.03); map, writing, (1.150; map with HISPANIA written on it (1.20); Spanish writing (1.25); map of France (1.30); page of book titled - VOLTAIRE (1.36); Map of Germany (1.42); page of book - FAUST: A Dramatic Poem by Goethe (1.48); portrait of a man (1.50); map of Britain (1.57); Portrait of a man (2.00); Front page of a booklet - A Speech of Mr. John Milton (2.06); paper cutting machine (2.15); people standing in a street looking at newspaper billboards, buses passing (2.23); man working down a hole insulating a telephone line with paper (2.31); man rubbing the paper off a transfer (2.36); large boards made from paper (2.42); cylinder turning around (paper?) (2.46); man drilling a hole (2.49); machines which contain paper (2.56); signal system of the railway, pylon(3.00); telephone selector (3.07); a woman hoovering (3.13); miners, miners helmets (3.18); film being put on a projector (3.25); Busy street scene (3.31); With paper becoming more vital every day - both for printing and as a material for industry - there is increasing interest in the methods of its making (3.45); Paper mills at Markinch in Fife, Tullis Russell (4.05); c/u of paper fibres (4.22); Ship, grass being unloaded, ropes lying in bundles (4.35); cargo being unloaded, wood pulp in a store (4.47); l/s of paper mill (4.50); Steam train (4.54); coal being unloaded into machine (5.00); water (5.11); view of Markinch Town (5.17); men smoking pipes (5.23); men and women going to work at the mills (5.35); Drawings of paper fibres (5.46); grass being raked into machine (5.53); women on a factory line collecting collars and putting them into a revolving drum (6.08); ropes are broken up to make fibres (6.25); grass being emptied into a drum, men work the pulping machine, diffusing process, cleaning process, bleaching - Paper process: dusting, dissolved away the plant material, washed it, drained it, scoured it, bleached it, washed and scrubbed it once again, and then thickening the paper (11.12); men putting paper into the machines to make the different types of paper (Beating machine) Chemist testing paper for temperature and wetness (12.06); technicians testing paper (12.51); paper pulp tested for purity (13.17); Electrometer (13.23); paper pulp being mixed, shot of mill, cleaning devices, various shots of the mill machines (14.59); model of how twin wire papers were made (15.37) gvs of machines (17.06); testing department (18.09); paper is counted, wrapped, weighed, labelled and then taken away, cranes (18.49); paper machines (19.10); envelopes being made (19.15); bottles being wrapped (19.21); power cables, insulation, spinning paper into string, men taking paper from a large machine, gvs of machines (20.04); children's books (20.38); Book shop, pictures in books (20.49); Headed note paper, greetings cards (21.02); paper machine (21.07); man in telephone box (21.12); Telephone dial (21.13); telephone wires (21.18); camera (21.22); man shooting his gun (21.26); track insulation, train, driver, tunnel (21.39); helicopter (21.42); gvs paper mill (22.13) ecs (22.19)