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  • Fife


  • Arts and crafts
  • Construction and engineering
  • Education
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Religion


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 2303

Date: 1954

Director: [filmed by R. Robertson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.03 mins

Description: The conversion of the Battery Factory canteen hut into Tayport's Sunday School. [See also refs. 2293, 2296, 2297, 2298, 2302, 2304]

For further information about Tayport, including photographs from this period of Tayport's history, visit: [last accessed 17/2/2009]

Shotlist: [shotlist retimed from speed corrected tape, manual control track]

[No credits] [BW] General views of exterior of factory and housing (0.14); Many will remember the Mill Mission over the "Brig". Hitler put an end to that. Shot of houses (0.25); Since 1945 a great housing scheme has been erected over the "Brig". Exterior of housing in Links Road district (0.59); Now many children abound. General views of children. But it is a long long way to church. Shots of Tayport streets (1.56); So the church must come to them. The canteen hut at the Battery Factory was for sale and this, with a suitable site, was gifted to Queen Street Church. And here is the tale of its conversion to a Sunday School. General views of construction work (2.30) Foundation and sections of the hut are prepared gvs same (3.08) Church members give willing help. This too is divine service volunteer church members at work on conversion (4.21) Up it goes. The last section. gvs same (5.17) Fenced in but not to keep out gvs fence assembly (5.35) Our clerk of Works is also a great worker gvs man pressing down soil / concrete in ditch (5.53) The Painters. The Ison Squad gvs men painting (6.13) The plumber too does good work - also unpaid gvs same, men digging grounds around hut (7.04) A porch is necessary assembly of same (9.00); [COL] Putting up sign "The Church Hut" (9.54); Poster for jumble sale by Church of Scotland, United Free Church and Scottish Episcopal Church. The Jumbles attract a crowd. General shots of crowds outside church hut for opening of jumble sale (10.57) Future Scholars. gvs babies in prams (11.15) Miss Douglas, a link with the old Mill Mission, opens the new Hut. Shots of same and of jumble sale (13.32) Many willing helpers brought a wonderful result £143-0-6 Poster announcing Sunday School starting, for children of any Protestant church or no church (14.03)