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  • Fife


  • Birds
  • Ceremonies
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Military
  • Sporting activities
  • Transport


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 3640

Date: 1953c

Director: filmed by Mr John Barrie

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.21 mins

Description: Film showing Buckhaven and Methil in 1950's with shots of a memorial service and landmarks in the burgh, including the Wellesly Colliery and Methil docks. There are also shots of local activities, including brief shots of an East Fife football match at Bayview Park and a meeting between two Fife boxing clubs, Denbeath and St. Francis.

Shotlist: [COL] BUCKHAVEN AND METHIL (0.09) [B&W] pan of village (0.55) Shot of children walking down the street (1.07) shot of Buckhaven Ex Service Club wreath (1.20) gvs two clergymen performing memorial service; Provost lays wreath, followed by other members of gathering (2.55) [Col] gvs of town and the people with shots of children playing on swings (3.40) shot of horse and cart along street (3.50) pan of town and people/children (4.42) woman gathering water from public water pump (4.53) shot of a family outside their house (5.03) Man adjusting basket on pole [suspect bird inside?] (5.10) Shots of men filling trailer (5.21) gvs of town (6.49) ls of Buckhaven High School, as pupils leave (7.14) Elevated shot of steam train passing numerous sidings at Methil docks [Wellesly Colliery visible in b/ground] (7.32) children playing in street (8.00) people entering church; town council in ceremonial dress entering church (8.37) Boys Brigade marching into church, followed by Girl's Guildry (9.08) Shot of family sitting outside pre-fab house, pan down street (9.24) pan of the town and children playing peever (9.53) park; children turn cartwheels and do handstands in f/ground, in background older people sitting on bench in front of a large building (10.06) ms man hands out prizes at sports day? (10.21) street scene with traffic and people (10.37) ls crowds outside Bayview Park (10.45) views football match at stadium with a large crowd; East Fife score a goal; pan to ball in net (11.30) gvs boxing match between man wearing Dunbeath ABC vest, other boxer in St Francis ABC vest (11.56) gvs boy's boxing match, again from Denbeath and St Francis clubs (12.22) gvs adult boxing match, same clubs (12.34) Elevated shot of street with bunting [for coronation?] (12.43) ls Wellesly colliery; pit headgear is seen moving, pan of town, NCB wagons in f/ground (13.29) ls Methil docks, pan from hydraulic coal hoist over river (14.14) shot of small boat "Caledonia" in harbour, small Polish flag? painted on hull (14.27) pan over docks from water (14.31) c/u dredger "Almond" in dock (15.00) ls pan over townscape (15.56) Shot of bus crossing over bridge (16.19) THE END (16.21)