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  • Edinburgh


  • Tourism and travel
  • Transport


  • Amateur
  • Women film makers


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 3981

Date: 1937*

Director: filmed by Jean L. Gray

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.37 mins

Description: Various scenes around Edinburgh from the late 1930s.

Entered in Edinburgh Amateur Film Festival 1938.

Shotlist: leader interspersed with three clips of film: c/u tenement on George Street, George IV statue, Dean Village signpost (1.08) Title and opening credits (0.03) shot of St. John's Church at the corner of Lothian Road and Princes Street, with the Castle in the background, various shots of street scenes on and around Princes Street, Edinburgh. Shows pedestrians, shop fronts, traffic - buses, cars, trams, vans, horse + cart (0.43) shot of two middle class ladies having tea on an open-air balcony cafe (possibly the Royal Hotel?) overlooking Princes street (0.49) further street scenes on Princes Street, showing shop facades (Jenner's, Royal hotel), pedestrians (including lady pushing a pram), trams (one bound for Granton) and traffic (1.09) street scenes on North Bridge, showing pedestrians (including lady pushing pram), trams and traffic (1.21) shots taken around the mound, showing trams and cars passing by the Royal Scottish Academy and National Gallery, people on the steps beside the National Gallery, followed by m/s of a street artist (1.40) gvs Princes Street gardens, Scott monument, men playing bowls in Princes Street Gardens (2.04) street scene, shot of "Brook and Son" shop front and doorman, shot of cars parked in George Street (2.20) brief shot of "Elizabeth" clothes shop facade, on 42 Fettes Row. A woman looks at the window display (2.23) shot taken from the mound looking down onto Waverley station and North Bridge with Calton Hill in background. A steam train is in view (2.29) gvs over old town cityscape, brief view of high tenements (2.47) shot of graveyard (New Calton Burial Ground?), shots of buildings in old town (2.57) panning l/s looking toward Calton Hill, m/s of buildings on Calton Hill (folly, observatory) (3.04) various old town streets and closes, shot of people on Waverley Steps, (3.21) c/u of sign reading "To Palace of Holyroodhouse" gvs Palace of Holyroodhouse (4.36) gvs around the Canongate, including "Scott's" tartan shop facade, shot of laundry hanging on a line above street (White Horse Close?), shots of women sitting chatting in closes, hanging up washing, children gathered round a street barrow selling (sweets?), shots of closes in the Canongate, fruit shop and stall, clothes shop, policeman (6.07) shot of John Knox house, shop facades, man dressed in Napoleonic army uniform, woman and pram (6.36) gvs St Giles Cathedral and Royal Mile (6.56) shot of Greyfriars Kirkyard (?) gvs at Edinburgh Castle, c/u sign reading "Drawbridge Closed to Vehicles over 5 Tons", shots of soldier guards, shots of people going round the Castle, shot of the I o'clock gun firing, l/s of the cityscape (8.47) shots at the Grassmarket, at bottom of Victoria Street, showing people sitting on a bench (8.57) brief shot at Cowgate (?), shots of tenements with laundry hanging out (9.16) shot of sandwich board man advertising James Thin bookshop, shot of Andrew Baxendine bookshop facade, shots of open air bookstall on George IV bridge (9.31) gvs outside the University building, various shots of Edinburgh University graduates in gowns, after Graduation Ceremony (?), a group having their photo taken (10.30) brief street scene, gvs at Scottish Zoological Park, showing children on camel ride and various other animals (11.55) brief shot of Dean Village, gvs at the Royal Botanic Garden (13.03) shots of various sports - horse riding in the Pentland Hills, golf, rugby, cycling, hiking (13.32) The End superimposed over a cityscape of Edinburgh at night (13.37)