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Reference number: 3681

Date: 1965*

Director: filmed by Mr J W Grant Dec'd.

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 33.20 mins

Description: Family holiday footage around Scotland. [Many of the castles remain unidentified].

Shotlist: Zig zag shapes meet and separate to reveal J W G Presents. A cartoon piper with music notes blowing from the bagpipes to form Scotland. Family walking down a village street. An old loch boat. (?) The Sir Walter Scott. . Gv's of the loch side. View of the passengers on the boat. A waterfall seen from the boat. Sign on wall Stronachlachar. Gv's of the loch side. A large house, cloud reflection in the water which pans along the landscape. Large house. Grassway leading up to the house. People in the grounds. Dogs playing in the garden. Women walking into the house. Man walking back from a mill. Focus on the mill wheel turning. Family walking down a village street, showing the camera the small toy comic souvenir horse. Loch side landscape. Waterfalls. Man crouching filming the waterfalls. Gv's of the same man filming different locations, the river bank, on a bridge. Gv's of the river. Brief view of a town and a river. Family sitting on a bench outside an old building. Woman being shown how to use the cine camera. View of a town. Woman filming. View of trees. Woman filming. View of a ruined castle. Gv's of the family at various points in the ruined castle. Family at the railings surrounding the top of a hill. Man filming something while standing on a jetty. View of a busy harbour. Man standing next to rocks. A white house. C/u of bus window 'Maid of Loch Tour'. Women and children getting on the bus. A young girl walking on a hill. Two women and two children walking along a park path. Two girls sitting beside the waters edge. C/u of boat name ' maid of the Loch . Gv's of children on the boat. Gv's of the loch side with boats in the water. Approaching Balmaha pier. Visuals of members of the family. Women feeding the seagulls. Man filming. Water skier. Approaching Rowardennan. Visuals of the two little girls on the boat. View of the loch side. Approaching Tarbert pier. Two girls running along. Two water skiers. Waterfall. Approaching Inversnaid. Views of the loch side. Passengers on board, little girls running. View of the loch side. Pan across a large castle with small turrets and a large clock with gold numerals. Stain glass windows. Driveway up to another large house. family walking through a park. Rabbits. Gv's of the family in the grounds of the large house. Pan across the landscape and the Forth Road Bridge. People walking over the bridge. Family taking a picture of the plaque commemorating the opening of the bridge. Her Majesty the Queen accompanied by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh First Crossed this bridge 4 September 1964. The Queensferry Passage named after Queen Margaret was thus superseded after eight hundred years of continual use. Different shots of the bridge. Pan up and across at the Forth Rail Bridge. Family on the beach. Gv's of the Forth Road Bridge. Road sign pointing the the bridge. Traffic going along the road. Plaque, however unable to read as it is out if focus. Mix of shots concerning a car and the underpass of a bridge. Town on the sea front. White sandy beach. Ruined abbey / monastery (?). High view of the town. Gv's of Dunbar. Brief shot of open air swimming pool. Beauty contest at the side of the pool. Various people smiling at the camera. Fishing boat. Children playing on tricycles, carts, and bicycles. C/u of a peacock. An unidentified bridge. Two women walking across a driveway in front of a large old building. Ruined abbey / monastery. Steamer at Rothesay pier. Cars at the pier. Seagulls. View of the 'Waverley' coming in to dock. Sunset. Cartoon half moon with a night cap on sleeping. Sleeping z's form into The End. (33.20)