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Reference number: 3514

Date: 1964

Director: [filmed by Nan Taggart]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10 mins

Description: Dry land and under water footage of diving expeditions in Scotland.

Taggart family owned a granite yard up until 1956 when they sold up, bought a farm at Marywell on Deeside and moved from the city to the rural life. Both mother, Nannie, and daughter Nan, chronicled the early years of their new lives on the farm on film. Nan Taggart and cousin Glen Ross interviewed about the films on THE WAY IT WAS, Grampian TV, transmitted October / November 1994.

Shotlist: It's high summer - time to go diving shots of sea and rocks (0.17)The Rendezvous is the Club Hut at Fittie shots of club members arriving in cars at the Club Hut (0.27)The compressor goes along to fill the aqualungs shots of men loading the compressor onto a trailer, shots of club members leaving in cars (1.12) Off for a week at Mellon Udrigle on Gruinard Bay shots of divers in shallow sea, shot of a baby crab under water (1.33) under water shots of the sea bed and seaweed, shot of other diver swimming with a harpoon, shot of a school of minnows, shot of diver harpooning a skate fish, more under water shots of eels and fish (3.16) shot of diver with his catch of skate, shot of diver gutting the skate fish, shot of meat of fish on a plate (3.43) Last year our holiday was at Oban shot of men filling compressor, shot of oxygen tanks being filled by the compressor(4.08)shot of men and women putting on diving equipment and climbing down harbour wall into sea, shots of them diving and disappearing under the water (4.34) And as we wait for the divers' return shots of peoples' hips doing the twist dance, alternating shots of a tape recorder playing music (5.10) shots of divers on shore, shot of one diver holding lobster, shots of lobster scrambling over the rocks (5.32) shot of woman holding a dead squid, shot of starfish (5.50) shot of men opening shells, shot of sky at sunset (6.05) shot of bonfire and people drinking round bonfire (6.26) Back home, pumping up for a weekend dive near Aberdeen shots of compressor being operated to fill up the oxygen tanks, shots of men doing somersaults over a doorway (7.19) shots of car being loaded with equipment, shots of car containing four people driving off (7.54) shots of divers on harbour, shots of people in dingy in the sea circling round waiting for the divers (8.26) shot of diver preparing oxygen tank, shots of two divers sitting on rocks at the edge of the sea about to start diving (8.37) shots of them submerging, shot of young boy on shore waving them off (8.56) under water shots of divers, shots of starfish (9.10) shot of diver partly out of sea holding large starfish for young boy to look at(9.17)shots of young boy holding fish in one hand and sea urchin in the other, various shots of people sitting round drinking, looking at items from the sea, shot of a man blowing up a small dingy, shot of people in dingy in the sea circling around.The End (10.06)