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Reference number: 3515

Date: 1961 / 1963

Director: [filmed by Nan Taggart]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.00 mins

Description: Family holiday films in the 1960's. Shots of people climbing Ben Venue and the Nature Reserve in Forvie.

Taggart family owned a granite yard up until 1956 when they sold up, bought a farm at Marywell on Deeside and moved from the city to the rural life. Both mother, Nannie, and daughter Nan, chronicled the early years of their new lives on the farm on film. Nan Taggart and cousin Glen Ross interviewed about the films on THE WAY IT WAS, Grampian TV, transmitted October / November 1994.

Shotlist: [col]By Loch Achray Summer 1961shot of young woman and boy preparing caravan for holiday and then driving out of drive way (1.30) shots at the Trossachs Water Sports Club, shot of boy being shown how to water ski on dry land and shots of boy water skiing, tracking shot taken from the boat pulling the skier, shot of boy in the water, shots of woman on water skis, shots of woman and man skiing together (4.11) brief shot of woman on mans shoulders with man on water skis, then falling off in the water (4.18) shot of boy water skiing (4.36) shot over the loch of bus on road, shots of rain falling in water (4.49) shot of rowan tree with berries in the sunshine, shot of loch in the sunshine (5.04) shot of young woman putting on walking boots, shots of boy and woman walking up toward Ben Venue, shots over the loch and hillsides (5.56) shots of sailing boat race on the loch, shots of man and boy in motorised dingy attending to boats in trouble on the loch [brief blank] (7.33) On Forvie Sands shots of three young boys on the beach watching birds taking off across the water, shot of small duckling walking across sand, shot of birds and ducks in the water; c/u eider drake and hen in grass (8.21) shots of young children playing in the sand dunes, shots of birds nest with eggs, shots of ducks with ducklings swimming in water, various shots of eggs in nests (9.32) shots of children playing in the grasses by the water, shots of children holding young ducklings (10.36) shot of family walking down to sand, shot of young boy and other children looking at guillemot beside the sea (11.19) shot of woman placing watch onto child's wrist, shots of mother and son dressed in bathing costumes building sand castle (11.44) shots of children playing in sea, playing on the sand, climbing sand dunes and rolling down again The End (12.26)