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Title: POLICEMAN, the

Reference number: 3249

Date: 1935*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.47 mins

Description: Glasgow city police at work, both with criminal offences and in a social role with children on an outing to Rouken Glen.

Shotlist: brief shot of policeman standing beside George Square and c/u of statue of Robert Peel (0.22) police parade in park, police being inspected by official in top hat (0.45) policemen standing beside their bicycles and motorbikes for inspection, and mounted police being inspected with the horses being put through their paces (1.28) ext. Central Police Office with policeman standing outside and policemen coming out to stand at attention and then marching out onto street (2.10) policemen standing in doorway of main police station (2.25) car driving out with police inspectors (?) in it (2.31) policemen standing outside police box, outside a Clydesdale Bank (2.49) policemen checking doors of different premises (3.11) policeman stopping a van advertising "Rich Chocolate Ice-Cream" ...... [unable to read name] Ltd, Charing Cross" (3.26) a boy runs to a police box to use the public emergency phone to report an accident (3.50) police and St. Andrews ambulance arrive on the scene, police take notes from a witness (4.32) police phoning from a police box to the Wireless Dept. Control Room to report a vehicle stolen (5.00) c/u of message being sent by morse code to police patrol car (open topped) which drives off to chase stolen car, stop it, check the driver's licence and apprehend the thief, driving him to the police station (6.57) policeman locking police box and getting on tram (7.24) shots of police on points duty (7.42) a mounted policeman outside Cranston's Restaurant, directing traffic (7.57) policeman directing traffic to let children cross road (8.33) a wee boy is lost and a policeman takes him to the police station where his mum comes to pick him up (9.34) police escorting children onto a tram for an outing to Rouken Glen [tram has sign reading "This Is Road Safety Week", with shot of ext. factory building of John W Hannay & Co, Rag & Paperstock (10.00) police handing out bottles of milk to children, playing football with the boys and "ring a roses" with the girls (10.34) c/u of policeman holding up a wee girl who puts his hat on (10.47)